Spring Clean…sing

For the past two years every March I would attempt a juice cleanse. I began with a one day Suja cleanse and moved to a three day last year. I even dragged my bestie, Rachael, in for last years. I didn’t consider doing one this year and it only crossed my mind for a millisecond a couple of months ago. But then the recent lunar eclipse decided to shake up my life like a bottle of Coke with the lid on it. In order to recenter (or reset really) and approach things in a new way I decided (along with some peer pressure) to do another cleanse. A spring cleaning for my body and soul if you will.

This year I ordered a cleanse from Pressed Juicery from Santa Monica. I got a really cool discount code from their wellness newsletter, The Chalkboard Magazine, so why not? It is one of the trendiest juice places so I’m hoping it lives up to the hype. I’m beginning it tomorrow, April 1st, and I’m blogging about it. Juice cleanses get this super glamorous reputation (Coachella is coming up. You’ll see it on social media), but, at least to me, they are nothing but glamorous. Sure, I feel great and I have a glow, but who wouldn’t drinking straight liquid for days?

Wow, I’m really doing a great job selling it aren’t I?


What’s on the menu


Getting 3 days worth of cold pressed juice delivered to my door whenever I want is magical to me. I don’t have to stand in Whole Foods make snide comments about my large box of juice and why anyone “would do such a thing!!!!” It came in a futuristic, insulated cooler bag, which was so cool. I got the Cleanse 2 containing their most popular juices because I’ve never had their juice before and believe if isn’t broke don’t fix it. If they say these juices are the most popular than I’m all on board. I can’t wait to give it a try tomorrow.


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So futuristic…

But as tradition states before a cleanse I have to give into one of life’s greatest simple pleasures: a In-N-Out burger.