Cleanse Update

It’s been roughly a day and a half since I started, essentially, living off of juice. The first day is always the most optimistic of cleanse days. I 100% believe my stomach can handle gallons of juice plus water. I field “what are you drinking?” inquiries like a pro. I still have plenty of energy. This day one was especially interesting because it was a Friday where work was only half a day giving me plenty of time to soak up good vibes and sunshine all afternoon.

But here’s where the realistic nature of juice cleanses + life begins to take hold. I had some time to kill before an appointment & decided to sit in the mall food court. No, I didn’t eat, but I had some green tea. Green tea is allowed because of it’s obvious benefits and health properties, but shortly after taking a sip I realized my stomach could not handle any more liquids of any kind. So juice number 4 (mid-afternoon pick-me-up juice) had to go.

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I won’t even lie. I was fine with this. In this particular cleanse it was a beet juice which has a shot of ginger. Ginger is not my friend which is something I discovered earlier in one of the green juices. But what do I love about this cleanse? The citrus juices! They are made of pineapple in addition to some ingredients like lemon, apple, and mint. So refreshing in the spring heat. I think I drink them in about 5 minutes.

So where am I at with day 2? Well, I just finished the first citrus of the day. I feel pretty bloated but I managed to make it to the gym! (Oh my god such an overachiever! It said LIGHT physical activity) Day 2 is rougher because I am just craving everything under the sun especially a chicken and moz panini from Postino. Yum.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Post-gym fun


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