Fully Cleansed

Ah, Sunday was the final day of my 3 day Pressed Juicery cleanse. I was sad to see it go but slightly ecstatic it had gone. Don’t get me wrong. As my blog title suggests, I love a good juice, but after 3 days I’m ready for some substance.

Saturday afternoon I had a bit of energy. At least I appeared that way (maybe I’m highly ambitious. Thanks for being a great sport, Rachael!!) and decided to go to IKEA for some canisters. Bad idea…screaming children slamming things around and yelling just doesn’t mix with the irritability I had. I survived and I got the canisters so I can Pinterest my bathroom…but in real life.

Overall I really enjoyed the juices Pressed Juicery offered with one exception: ginger. I learned from this experience ginger does a real number on my stomach and not in the good way it should. It burns my throat and my stomach. I’m just not a fan of that much food induced discomfort.

My favorite juices were the citrus varieties and the almond/date/sea salt/vanilla drink which was like drinking liquid ice cream. To be quite honest, I wish I could have this one every day. The chlorophyll and aloe vera waters didn’t really do much for me that I noticed other than hydration throughout the day. They tasted great though.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

I really want to do another Pressed Juicery cleanse, but I think I will customize my own next time (to avoid the ginger)…but for now I think I’m just gonna make a stop at Shake Shack.


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