Who What Wear x Target Style

Who What Wear is queen of the fashion and style websites at least in my opinion. I visit it often, follow all of their tweets, and now I practically LIVE in their Target Style collaboration. Founded by Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr, Who What Wear strives to provide its readers with the passions that fill their lives: fashion and, of course, shopping. Last year they announced a collaboration with Target Style which was inspired by fashion bloggers and is intended to give shoppers what they both need and want when it comes to street style.

Each month at Target new pieces hit the shelves and target.com based on what shoppers want, are buying, and what they are looking to buy next. The pieces come in a range of sizes from 2 to 26 and all are priced at $50 and under. Sounds to too good to be true, but trust me it’s true.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.18.09 PM.png


Since January 31st, pieces have been entering a steady rotation the last week of the month. I try not to go crazy, but it’s a bit hard. The pieces are so stylish, affordable, and well made that I just want to buy them all. With the latest batch just released last week I went through the pieces currently available on target.com and chose my favorites.

For spring, there are plenty of eyelet fabrics, floral and cute prints to choose from. Unfortunately because of my body type (shout out to those horrible hip bones!!), none of the amazing dresses look that great on me. I found this to be a total bummer since the eyelet dress looks fabulous in person. But I promise everything else I’ve purchased (including a skirt, shorts, cropped pant, two sweaters, a t-shirt, and a playsuit) are some of the best items ever to make their way into my closet.

I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. Serious heart eyes emoji


Shop: Linen tee, Pleat front short, Lightweight trench coat, Skinny cropped pant, Split cuff crew sweater, Cape blazer


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