So I wanna buy…a swimsuit

As I write this it is a very overcast, 75 degree day and we are expecting a bit of rain soon. Yet here I sit contemplating swimsuit choices. Ah, optimism my dear old friend. No, but in all seriousness, it will warm back up into the high 90s eventually (probably in a millisecond) and my mind will once again be filled with dreams of beachy locals or days by the pool.

The truth of the matter is my birthday is coming up in May, and one of the perks of being a spring baby is the excellent weather. It’s not too warm but it’s not too cold so the pool is always the perfect option. So really my shopping for a swimsuit is completely validated by this playing such a large factor in my birthday celebration. That and tacos because my birthday falls just after Cinco de Mayo.

But to the real heart of the matter here: swimsuits. I can’t stand one piece swimsuits. Not because I’m against modesty or have a super hot bod, but because my torso to hip ratio makes them the most awkward thing in the world to wear. I stick with bikinis. Not always the most comfortable things to wear for physical reasons and self esteem reasons, but I stick with what I know. These are some of the ones I am deciding between this season.


Shop: Topshop, J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret top, Victoria’s Secret bottoms, Triangl, Zara top, Zara bottom, H&M top, H&M bottom


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