Styling: Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

When I was in 8th grade, the Adidas Superstar sneakers were the IT sneaker. My dad drove me around for hours from store to store just to find the perfect ones. Cut to many moons later, and the Superstar sneakers are once again one of the hottest sneakers.

When I finally decided to step up my shoe game and get a pair, I quickly changed trajectory because there is another sneaker I’ve been crushing on for a while: the original Stan Smith. Well, I’ve been crushing on it for awhile so combined from peer pressure from my best friend, Rachael, it ended up being the top sneaker on the list.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.56.14 PM

The Stan Smith is everywhere especially street style. There are tons of articles about what the next Stan Smith is going to be, but I’d say these are still incredibly popular if not the IT sneaker. In fact, walking in to the store to get them they aren’t even on display! We had to talk to one employee who hushed us over to another employee who basically talked to us in code until we finally got what I came for. They are always sold out.

So, in honor of the newest addition to my closet, I’ve styled them a few ways (virtually of course). The first being the actual way I wore them to the office recently. Yes, they are appropriate for many occasions. As you can probably tell, my style leans toward classic combinations.

Shop: Adidas Stan Smith sneakers


H&M pants, Wildfox pullover, Saint Laurent bag, Isabel Marant rings


Levi’s shorts, Rag & Bone tank, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Zara bag, ASOS watch


Who What Wear x Target Style crop pant, H&M tee, THP bracelet, Topshop jacket, Madewell pouch


Zara dress, Urban Outfitters backpack, Dior mirrored sunglasses, THP rings


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