Just Accept It: Athleisure

I’ll admit I’ve had a bit of animosity towards “athleisure” wear for awhile now. See, Scottsdale is essentially LA only sweltering, unbearable heat and less out of work actresses moonlighting as waitresses. Other than that we are overflowing with juice bars, Whole Foods stores, valet parking, yoga studios, and, of course, althleisure wear.

So at Target on any given Saturday morning as women of all kinds were running their errands in, what I consider the Heaven, of retail stores I would be scoffing. “We all know you didn’t just come from the gym!,” I would say. Don’t fashion shame me! We’ve all done it. “Leggings aren’t pants!!!” Sound familiar?

It was my personal preference to never wear my gym & yoga clothes outside of those establishments and my home. I certainly wouldn’t run to the Whole Foods juice bar in them (I did that last weekend). For one, yoga pants are unnecessarily thin and, I don’t know, underwear is just one thing I find necessary when going outside. Second, I just never felt comfortable with doing this. Until one day, I sucked it up and wore my gym clothes to Target because why go back out if I’m already out. (It doesn’t hurt the Target is right next to the gym either) My life has been forever changed.

I get it. My eyes have been opened. I have even worn them by choice while getting dressed to go out and run errands. They are comfortable. They are (usually) well made, and now they are incredibly fashionable. Hence the reason for this post. Athleisure-wear is so popular, it was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Whether we are going to the gym or doing pretty much anything else, we can look comfortable, cute, and sporty.

I’ve chosen a bunch of my favorite, stylish athleisure-wear here including pieces by Ivy Park (which I didn’t get any of because I’m not an extra small and that’s all that’s left. Always), and Touché x Morgan Stewart. Morgan Stewart is star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and my spirit animal. She has created cameltoe free activewear leggings, guys! I really want so many pieces of her collection (including this new pink jacket she posted on Snapchat. If anyone wants to get me one…)

So, let’s face it: athleisure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Embrace it and look cute while doing it.


Ivy Park crop top, Adidas shorts, Adidas Stan Smith double sole sneakers, Touché x Morgan Stewart jacket, H&M sweatpants, Nike sports bra, Ivy Park sports bra, Ivy Park bodysuit, T By Alexander Wang sweatshirt, Adidas by Stella McCartney sports bra, Nike Roshe Flyknit sneakers, Touché x Morgan Stewart leggings, Nike shorts, Ivy Park tank top, Adidas Originals trefoil tee


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