Who What Wear Collection: Summer

I haven’t been writing this blog very long, but there’s one thing that remains steady here (and in my life): the Who What Wear collection for Target. I’ve written about that before (you can find that here), and when new pieces hit stores every month I find myself buying them constantly. I truly don’t know how many pieces I have at this point, but they continue to be flattering and major wardrobe staples of mine. My style secret if you will.

They recently released the summer collection in stores and on Target.com and I love so many of the pieces. So far I have a dress, bag, and simple tee. Because the pieces are affordable and good quality I don’t feel as bad gobbling up like they are going out of style (they aren’t. I lack self control). But I know 100% when I need something to wear and get stuck for ideas the Who What Wear collection has got me covered. Or that’s just the excuse I have to buy more….

Either way the summer collection is out now and these are my favorite pieces. They are definitely trendier warm weather street style basics, and I’m really loving the military green utility look at the moment. Denim skirts are having their moment and the pencil skirt is an error free way to nail the trend.


Utility jacket, Textured tunic, Denim pencil skirt, Zip pouch, Trench vest, Saddle bag, Tie front top, Midi shirt dress, Cargo shorts


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