In the Kitchen: Fajita Night

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to have a fajita night. Basically because I owed my best friend Rachael a dinner and it was a really great excuse to have taco dip. Fajita night essentially consisted of wine, a lot of food, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High on television (bless you VH1).

When it comes to fajitas I typically take the lazy girl route. Pre-cut sliced meat, pre-made seasoning..the works. I mean it’s good but not good for you. Because I had most of the day free I decided to be adventurous and try a recipe from a New York Times article I read questioning why we don’t make fajitas at home more often. (Serious journalism asking the tough questions) Now they provided a lot of recipes but this one seemed the most achievable (with a few alterations), and I wasn’t about to cook something called Fajitas (Meat-filled tortillas with hot sauce). Yes..that was the actual title.

Now, the recipe seems complicated (it’s the NY Times after all), but in reality it was pretty simple and definitely delicious. The whole goal of In the Kitchen is to try new things, but I will surely be making these again….after I try the ones in Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (I just got it!)

I’ve included both the taco dip and fajita recipes below. The taco seasoning in the taco dip is just a generic one I found on the Food Network website, but a store bought packet would work just as well.



Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Forgive this photo. Everyone ate too quickly to get a good image of the final product.



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