3 Uses for Coconut Oil

Right now if you google uses for coconut oil you’ll get lists of over 100 uses for the miracle oil. Typically used for cooking, the oil provides great benefits to hair, skin, and nails. It’s also known to increase disgestion and provide immunity to many dieases.

Because I’m not a nutrionist I will refrain from covering that type of thing and the information is readily available on the internet. One thing I will cover are three of my favorite uses. Coconut oil makes is an incredibly useful tool to any beauty toolkit. It is a highly effective moisturizer, fixes impurities in hair, and can even help dandruff.

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Virgin organic refined coconut oil is recommended, but this works just as well.

  1. Make Up Remover – Coconut oil removes even the most stubborn mascara. It works with cotton balls, but I apply the oil directly to my eyes with clean fingers. Rub a small amount of oil between fingertips and rub the eyes gently. This is helpful for removing mascara without damaging eyelashes. If you’re more interested in make up remover wipes, soak cotton sheets in the oil and keep in an airtight container.
  2. Cuticle Oil – I never paid attention to my cuticles, but when attempting to find out why my manicure chipped so easily I learned I probably should be taking care of them better. Coconut oil hydrates the cuticles giving the nail better chances at growth and keeps the hands looking youthful and moisturized. Simply rub a cotton swab with coconut oil over the cuticles to soften them. Allow to dry and reapply whenever to keep your manicure looking fresh. Pro Tip: use coconut oil to soften dry skin on the feet especially the heels.
  3. Scalp/Hair Treatment – Being from the desert I am prone to a dry scalp. It’s incredibly annoying and flakes are not my friend during the summer. There are a bunch of treatments that can be done to prevent plenty of scalp and hair ailments. As a hot oil treatment massage oil into hair, leave 10-15 minutes and rinse throughly. As a treatment for dry scalp, place oil on dry itchy spots to provide moisture, wash and rinse thoughly. It is oil of course.




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