Essential Summer Apps

It’s Mid-July and summer is still in full swing. There’s plenty more fun to be had. Everyone has their favorite apps, and the “popular chart” section of the app store exists for a reason. (Duh) But just because something is popular doesn’t mean its worthy of valuable phone space (and more importantly, your time).

So take 5 seconds away from playing Pokemon Go to learn about my favorite apps for the surviving the summer. These apps are the ones I use almost daily to share my adventures in daily life, listen to music, eat, and have fun. I hope you’ll find some use out of them or we can relish in how awesome they are together. If not, Pokemon Go is cool too.



Where else can I pretend to be a dog and share photos of my dog? I love seeing what my friends are up to on the daily (so much easier than actually asking) and with the new memories feature we can share old snaps just to remind people how much fun we had over the summer (mostly just drinking wine and writing commentary on photos of Bachelorette contestants).

Instagram + Boomerang

I’ve talked about Instagram previously, but Boomerang is a really cool app the makes gifs of whatever you’re filming. I hadn’t really seen anyone using it until recently and now it is everywhere. It’s really cool for action shots of things like fireworks and saying cheers with a glass of wine (summer theme, obviously).



My best friend Rachael actually got me playing with this app to keep up my language skills and brain activity in a positive direction. The interface is incredibly simple and probably made for children, but the content is great. There are so many languages to choose from which allows me to keep up on the years of Spanish I’ve taken as well as refresh my French. After awhile it’s a fun way to learn new languages or brush up on old ones.




It’s too hot to go outside and get a burger. I’ll just Postmate someone to do it for me. Brilliant

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Down Dog

Summer is really hot so my desire to do physical activity is severely lacking most of the time. Yoga is really great because the stretching releases tons of tension and stress while still being physical. Down Dog has a subscription feature, but the free features are brilliant on their own. There are sequences for beginners all the way to experts with both restorative and regular. There is different pace settings, music choices (alternative, acoustic, and instrumental), and length of time (up to 35 minutes). Every routine is generated fresh from initiation so no routines are repeated giving a new experience every time.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset


Music is a huge part of my life. Everyone says that, but I’m 100% serious. I am an Apple Music purist, BUT I use Spotify at work and to share playlists here. I really love the variety of premade playlists Spotify has in comparison to Apple Music. The Discovery Weekly curated playlist just for me is also quite nice. Plus I love being spying on my friends and seeing what they are listening to. So I’m basically recommending the Spotify app so you can follow along with my playlists (if you’re cool like that).

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