IKEA Shopping List

I won’t even try to pretend IKEA isn’t one of my favorite places on Earth. Sure, for someone who loves studying design for fun, that probably isn’t the best thing to say. But I’m being realistic. I love the functionality of their pieces and they suit their purpose just find. Form follows function.

No, they don’t move well and 100% of the time they are a nightmare to put together. I’m not really in the stage of my life where I can drop thousands on a Drake sofa from Crate & Barrel (even though I really love that sofa). Nor does it really suit the aesthetic my life has really become. I don’t really have to defend IKEA because it’s a staple in many homes. I just love the clean lines, organization, and functionality. My philosophy is: If something isn’t functional or serve a function of your life, you don’t need it.

I went browsing a few weeks back and took stock of all the things in my home I wanted to change. Browsing IKEA is rare in my world. I always leave with something (hello, coffee press I have used only twice in 8 months!). Maybe I do need a new shower curtain. Mine DOES have bubble gum Bleach London hair dye on the inside. The shoe rack I bought months ago is falling apart and leaning towards the west. I hate my bedding.

So here’s the tiny laundry list I’ve created for myself. If only I could stick to it….

Shop: Bamboo storage box, Shoe rack, Shower curtain, Black & White stripe bedding, Minimal stripe white bedding, Over the door mirror, Clothing rack


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