Style Inspo: Concert Tees

A few weeks back I went to catch Selena Gomez in concert and I bought a t-shirt at the show. I had seen Selena modeling it before the tour started (the featured image on this post actually), and for some reason I thought “I want that” and my adult wallet was like “sure why not.”

Ever since I was younger I always bought t-shirts at shows so I never really thought anything of it. I prefer it over buying it in a store on a whim, and usually, they are exclusives you can’t get anywhere else. Except now because the internet and well eCommerce. I struggle to find ways to add these items into my wardrobe without looking like they are “lazy day” clothes, but I have so many worthy of being wardrobe staples. I have a few vintage finds and hundreds from shows growing up I just really don’t want to part ways with. (Hello, really old Fall Out Boy tee from when they were just openers on larger tours) Of course, it makes no sense to leave them sitting in a box somewhere either.

I love this Selena Gomez shirt. It’s incredibly soft, and resembles a utility shirt. My only complaint is obviously it would be way cooler as a utility shirt rather than an oversized cotton tee. I’m going to embrace my new tee and wear it a bunch.



Madewell Leather Shorts, Led Zeppelin Tee, Adidas Sneakers, Alexander Wang shorts, Selena Gomez tee, Calvin Klein t-strap sandals, Topshop Jeans, Taylor Swift tee, Ted Baker heels, Topshop leather jacket, J. Crew pencil skirt, Bon Iver tee, Kendall + Kylie boots, Forever 21 duster



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