Summer Outfit Formulas

Getting dressed during summer is hard especially when it’s typically 100+ degrees outside. I won’t lie, I’m a fall and winter girl especially when it comes to style. I love a good sweater which is why having to have figure out what to wear feels like such a chore. What is going to capture the least amount of heat, still be office (and life) appropriate, AND not make me arrive anywhere looking like a bright red tomato? It’s too much pressure.

Which is why I’m glad the internet exists and thus places for me to go to find new, trendy, or interesting ways to beat the summer heat (without looking like I gave up on life). Never will I wear ill-fitting denim shorts, flip-flops, and a greetings from Arizona t-shirt, okay. (I see this around more than you can ever imagine). But with the vast internet comes the over consumption of information.

With that in mind, I captured 5 of what I feel are the best outfit formulas for this summer. They are trendy, involve pieces you probably already own, and it’s basically the easiest way to get dressed in 5 minutes (without the monumental weather inspired meltdown).


Shop: H&M dress, Ann Taylor sandals, J. Crew hat


Shop: Madewell slides, H&M denim shorts, Who What Wear bell sleeve top


Shop: H&M shorts, Zara camisole top, Adidas sneakers


Shop: Soludos espadrilles, Rag & Bone skirt, Madewell off the shoulder top


Shop: ASOS Los Angeles caged ballet flats, J. Crew skirt, Saint Laurent tee


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