Favorites 001: Zara Home

For whatever reason (probably horoscopes putting the idea in my head) I’m obsessed with home goods lately. I browse Crate & Barrel endlessly. I have a gigantic list of things I want to change, buy, and organize around my house.

It’s pretty obvious to everyone Zara is my favorite place to shop for clothes so it’s truly not a surprise I love the pieces at Zara Home. Fall’s color and design palette seems to be filled with polka dots (another of my favorite things), copper, and gold. Zara Home’s fall collection is filled with porcelain white with gold accents (like the bowl in this post). I never thought of coral as an element rather than a color so I found their line interesting and beautiful. The Herringbone pattern is one of my favorites and it’s incredibly subtle on this white throw pillow. The only downside to white linens is how easily they get dirty. But I guess that’s the price to pay for pristine looking design elements.

Shop This Post: Ombré Throw, Porcelain Bowl, Polka Dot Vase, Black Vanilla Candle, Herringbone Pillow, Polka Dot Tumbler, Pink Tumbler, Glass Cube Lamp, Copper Knobs


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