Back to Campus Style Shopping List

Earlier this week I shared what I keep in my bag when I head back to school (read that here), but let’s be honest, the back to school clothing sales are where it’s at.

Growing up my parents had one philosophy when it came to back to school clothes shopping: wait and see. They would buy us a shiny new outfit and a few other pieces for the first week and let us wait and see what else we wanted later. Part of this was because we would constantly change our minds after seeing what the other kids were wearing, and the other part was weather based. A lot of the clothes being put out are quite obviously for fall so loading up on clothes you can’t logistically wear without getting a mild case of heat stroke never made much sense.

Back to college style shopping is a bit different. Most of the time I show up to class it’s just a page torn out of the LuLu Lemon catalogue. But still to this day I make a shopping list of things I see or want to try out for fall and then give it a go by adding pieces a little bit at a time. This is just a piece of my current shopping list and what I’m going to be rocking now that school is back in session. I like to keep my style more laid back, but not I just rolled out of bed laid back. Sweaters and jeans are my go-to items when I stray from my chosen Top 5 of the week. I always have a jacket because in Arizona air conditioning is a standard which means most places are freezing when you sit still long enough!

Shop this post: Topshop baseball capH&M joggersRag & Bone sweaterTopshop denim jacketAdidas sneakersTopshop sweatshirtZara bootsMadewell tote bagTopshop mom jeans




  1. If you’re looking for joggers, I just got the best pair in the TOPSHOP sale. £15 from £25. They’re amazing and look very similar to the H&M ones. Keep an eye out if you’re in the shops.


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