Chairs, Chairs, Everywhere

A few semesters ago I took a design course and it made me appreciate my love of chairs (and design in general) even more. That seems like a weird thing to say. Who loves the design of chairs? Well, clearly you have never met a girl in love with the Eames lounge chair and ottoman. (That girl is me)

Before I bore you of the beautiful nature of the chair and the simplicity (and brilliance) of the materials, I’ll just let sleeping dogs lie on that. But in my study of design there was one thing that stuck with me: no matter the materials or the shape, the chair will always serve its function. Meaning, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may look or feel, as long as it can be sat on it will serve it’s purpose as a chair. These are some of my all time favorite styles of chairs (The Eames) and some new favorites that have caught my eye.

In order to catch my eye the chair has to be a couple of things: 1. It needs to have clean lines, look simple, and typically be of a monochrome color. 2. It has a special feel to it. Something others might pass over, ignore, or find unappealing. 3. Be made of interesting or unique materials.

Bored yet? Well, you haven’t been to Design Within Reach with me. (That’s probably worse)

Shop this postEames lounge chair + ottomanEames molded lounge chairEames shell chairBertoia two-tone chairLumiSource Rockwell chairCB2 Beta Rose chairWest Elm library chairSullivan grey linen chair



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