Labor Day Pool Party Essentials

We have finally hit the unofficial end of summer. I can’t believe it’s here. It’s bittersweet because long gone are the dog days of summer, but my one true love fall is about to arrive. I will be ecstatic when the daily temperature is far below 100.

But before that happens its time to celebrate what little pool time we have left with the chicest pool party the summer has ever seen. These are my essentials for throwing the best pool party in town. Sure, a pizza oven that attaches to the BBQ isn’t entirely necessary, but it’s just a really good excuse to buy a pizza oven that attaches to a BBQ.

Also how COOL is this wall hanging speaker by O-Sound? I love how it hangs on the wall like a piece of artwork but responds with simple hand gestures to change the music. I want it so badly. It’s just that cool.

Shop this post: BigMouth donut pool floatCoola sun blockO-Sound speakerH&M kaftanTravira beach chairsKettlePizza ovenBocce Ball setPineapple ice cube traysBeverage Dispenser


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