Fall Overload

One of the best things about fall is spending valuable resources buying amazing smelling things at Bath and Body Works. Trust me on this one.

Of course the main reason is they send me so many coupons in the mail how can I just not use them? They stack so well and you can save a bunch if you shop just a few months of the year (or once a season like I do). So with the first day of fall having just come and gone, I took the opportunity to stock up for the coming three months like a squirrel collecting nuts. To be fair, wallflowers WERE only $2 that day.

There is a downside to Bath and Body Works products in the fall: everything pumpkin related smells way too sweet. Actually, everything they come out with for fall really smells sweet. Marshmallow lattes, pumpkin donuts, berry crumbles, and even the pumpkin spice itself has a relatively sweet smell. So everything I chose to buy on my last shopping trip was subtle and warm smelling. The lotion is a mixture of apples, berries, and a hint of woodsy scents. The wallflowers aren’t sweet with the exception of the pumpkin apple which is delicious, but not too sweet. I’m not sure what a harvest gathering smells like since I’m from the desert, but I’ll take Bath and Body Works word for it.

Shop: Pumpkin Cranberry Cider soapPumpkin Apple wallflowerLeaves wallflowerAutumn wallflowerHarvest Gathering wallflowerLeaves three wick candleOrchard Leaves + Blue Sky body lotion


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