Fall Style Board

My bank account is severely upset it is fall. The worst part isn’t even the money being spent on sweaters and PSLs, but the fact I can’t even wear a majority of my stylish new clothes yet. Sure in the morning when I leave for work my sweater looks chic and adorable, but by my afternoon drive I’m stuck wearing a tank top fighting a glaring sunset in 90 degree heat. I’m SO over the heat.

It’s been rainy off and on for a few days which has just been sticky and gross. Not at all chilly. Talk about disappointment. Plus that meant everyone was at Starbucks and the guy behind me in line pronounced latte wrong. Just how….I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

BUT because I hold true to my #basic girl status, I will still champion fall is the greatest time of the year. Thus why I’m sharing my fall style insp board. Okay so it’s just a really cool looking version of a Pinterest board.

I can’t guarantee this is the only one of these I’ll make this season, but it definitely contains some of my favorite images from around the internet and Pinterest. If only Zara would restock that lace bodysuit…then I’d be golden. 



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