Kitchen Gadgets

Today is Thanksgiving in the grand land of overconsumption also known as America. I’m preparing to make one of the biggest meals of the year including a turkey which scares the bejesus out of me. So many expectations.

So, during my stressed out planning, I decided to browse for kitchen items that would make my life way easier. Okay, so maybe it was me spending a lot of time on Crate & Barrel’s website looking at everything they have that is made out of copper. This occurs partly because when I went to the store last week to pick up pie crust protectors, I saw a beautiful copper Christmas tree I need in my life, and because they didn’t actually have the pie dish I wanted so I “checked” online.

This probably isn’t so much kitchen items that make my life easier, but rather, what would make my meal prep so much more stylish.

Cupcake KitDigital ThermometerMushroom BrushDrop BowlsKitchenAid MixerMeasuring CupsMeasuring SpoonsCookie CuttersPie Dishes


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