Monthly Edit

At the risk of being a cliché, I truly cannot believe it is almost December. Part of me is begging for 2016 to just end already. What began as an optimistic and hopeful adventure in January has become a torturous nightmare of a year. That’s not to say some really great things didn’t happen, but there’s been far more overwhelming things than those few great ones.

That said, I’m really excited for Christmas. At least when I begin to stress bake there will always be people around to enjoy the fruits of my labor and it’s much less of a suspicious cry for help. Everyone loves a good Christmas cookie, right? Before moving forward, here’s a few things I really loved this November.

  • Who What Wear Shoes have arrived! For months now I’ve been secretly hoping the Who What Wear x Target Style line would add shoes so it really would be a one-stop shop for all my style needs. FINALLY my prayers have been answered and their holiday shoe collection has finally hit! My favorites are these booties and, something a bit different I normally wouldn’t buy, these slingback flats
  • My Favorite Murder podcast with Georgia Hardstark & Karen Kilgariff is my new podcast obsession. Each week they share fascinating true crime tales that range from popular ones to listeners hometown stories mixed with comedic and funny takes on things to make them a little less chilling.
  • Glitter nail polish is my sworn enemy. It is a real challenge to remove especially with the frequency with which I change my nail color yet some how I have ended up with this new Essie color from their winter collection. I loved most of the colors and just felt I didn’t need yet another red so I went with the gold to shake things up. I must admit, it was fairly easy to remove. I’ll chalk it up to a pre-Christmas miracle. Essie – Getting Groovy
  • I want all of the Zara candles in the world. Okay that’s not entirely possible, but the ones I was smelling as the employees restocked the last week were heavenly. I want my house to smell like that forever and ever. Candle
  • Holiday party’s are coming and I’m obsessed with this leather and lace dress from, of course, Zara. If only I could muster up the confidence to pull it off…
  • This year for Thanksgiving I cooked my very first turkey all by myself. Perfectly cooked to the right temperature on the first try. No waiting for hours because I screwed up the time or underestimated how long a turkey takes to roast. I did have a little help from Bon Appetit, but I nailed it. Another thing I dared to make was this Green Bean casserole. It was great, but I think my sauce skills need a little work.

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