Sweater Weather

I won’t lie one of the best things about colder weather is sweaters. Not simply because they keep one warm when it’s pretty frigid out, but I don’t have to constantly think about all of the insecurities I may have about my arms or waistline. There are so many different styles of sweaters that it’s simple to come up with a standard set of sweater essentials.

To create the essential sweater set there are some key styles to include. V-neck sweaters are perfect for layering with crisp button downs underneath (very J. Crew) while cable knits are more chunky, warmer, and pair perfectly with boyfriend jeans. Right now the mock-neck is trendy because it’s a really great silhouette without feeling like being choked by a turtleneck. That said, turtlenecks are classic and my favorite, from Zara, are thin and don’t at all make me feel like some kind of elementary school teacher in the 90s. I’m not a huge turtleneck fan, it feels really suffocating at times, but I took a chance on the Zara ones and they are absolutely perfect. Cashmere is an incredibly stylish luxurious classic that is essential to any closet.

Shop: H&M button sweaterZara turtleneckWildfox pulloverTibi tie sleeveTopshop zip side jumperH&M ribbed sweaterZara oversized sweaterRag & Bone two tonedH&M zip back sweaterZara sequined sweaterJ. Crew striped sweaterTopshop mock neck sweater


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