Wish List 2016

People asking what I want for Christmas is the worst. Only because I never know what to say, I always feel so awful if I ever do remember anything I want, and it usually leaves me with a really high expectation of returning the favor with a gift. I am terrible at gifts. 

But one of the best things with Christmas is making a wish list. Mainly for myself which features tons of really cool stuff I would love to get as gifts. So you know if I love it, it would make a gift for someone else (in case you were stuck on what to buy a really cool girl in your life).

Zara striped sequin dress 2 Glossier Phase 1 set 3 AreaWare key ring 4 Jonathan Adler Pop Champagne candle 5 Elizabeth and James bag 6 Things Will Work Out print 7 H&M pjs 8 Hario copper coffee scoop 9 Threshold bottle opener 10 Zara masculine double breasted coat 11 Criterion Designs book 12 Copper Water Bottle


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