Winter Wellness: Let’s Organize Some Stuff

It’s been mere hours since Christmas ended, and that means we are currently existing in the “between holidays limbo.” That cool 7 days where the floor is filled with remnants of holiday gifts and it’s just too early to put the holiday decorations away. But in a few days 2017 will be here which means a fresh start. I’ve never needed a giant reset button as badly as I do now.

One of the simplest ways to embrace a fresh start is to purge the old and organize the rest. There are a few items, areas of the home and life that can create a perfectly clean slate for 2017. 2016 has been a rough one so it’s not really a hard decision for me to want to pretend it never existed. I mean, was there an option to sleep through the year? I should have taken it.


That said, here are a few of my favorite things to organize right before the new year.

  • Decorations + Wrapping Paper. For whatever reason every time there is a birthday or holiday requiring gifts, I end up purchasing new gift wrap, tissue paper, etc. Toss out the rolls with minimal paper left (or remove & fold the remaining paper for later use), fold the tissue and other items, and toss them all in a clear plastic bin easily accessible for later. Or if you want to get fancy, check out the Container Store’s Customized Gift Wrap Center.
  • Beauty Products. With the new year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to get rid of all the make up and beauty products you no longer use. Many, if not all, products have a shelf life which should be followed because of things like bacteria. If you don’t know the exact date or months of ownership of a particular product, but think you’ve had it long enough, pitch it.
  • The year in review. At the end of the year I’ve accumulated a years worth of concert tickets, movie stubs, and other odds and ends in random places. Keep the important (to each their own) and toss the rest. For this use storage boxes or simple clear plastic containers to keep things in one place.
  • Clothing. Between all the gift cards received during the holidays and the sales it might be fun to load up on new additions to your closet, but that also means getting rid of things you no longer wear. It may feel a bit strange to do this mid-season, but odds are if you haven’t worn your old clothes yet, you won’t. Donate them and pass them on to others who could really use them.
  • Goals + Resolutions. Yep, it’s that time of year again. Just a suggestion, but don’t make resolutions. Set goals. Monthly goals, daily goals, or even yearly goals are much easier to reach plus you’re less likely to drop them a week later. Avoid the disappointment and self-hatred by being realistic.

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