Songs of 2016

One thing I love about Spotify is how it keeps track of my listening habits enough to compile a playlist of my most popular songs at the end of the year. Unfortunately, it’s a complete lie. Okay, 98% a lie. I did listen to Home by One Direction, a lot. (It was number one on their list and I like it a lot) But pretty much everything else was false and clouded by Beatles albums, classic rock, and a Stranger Things playlist filled with 80s music. Mostly because I only used Spotify at work where others could visibly see or hear my music choices.

So I set out to create a more accurate playlist of songs I loved this year. It contains 30 songs lasting roughly 2 hours, and, while I feel it’s probably missing plenty, it turned out pretty great. While I’m not sure I want to remember most of 2016 in the future, I do think a few of these songs will remind me of the past year when I hear them years from now. There’s not too many popular songs on here, but that’s mainly my choice because they are over played everywhere else. Plus, I hope it will get people listening to things they probably haven’t heard before that are worth their time.

I wonder what music 2017 will bring…


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