2017 Wellness Resolutions

I have a love/hate relationship with New Years resolutions. I try not to make them because, as any human does, I completely forget them a month later and nothing ever comes of them. For that reason I’m hesitant to even call these “resolutions” since they are more like intentions. Last spring when I began writing this blog (after a very long blogging break) I was exploring the new world of wellness. I completely overhauled my living space, did a juice cleanse, and began trying out new ways of becoming more centered. I realize now that when life begins to feel out of control I begin to search for answers and focus on learning new things with the hopes I can maintain some kind of calm in the chaos. It’s also an incredible distraction.


That said at the end of 2016 I was struggling to have any answers at all and couldn’t control the chaos. It felt there was no calm coming with this storm. I decided with 2017 I would hit the reset button and try some new things in the year ahead. These aren’t the same intentions set during meditation that are a road map of where I want to go in life, but rather things I aim to bring into practice for my life this year.

  • Stop Buying Things I Already Own. Do I really need a 13th black sweater? Or another pair of jeans? Odd are no. Not purchasing things I already own will save space on clutter not to mention money. This allows me to save up for things I really do want and need while managing to get full use out of things I already own.
  • Continue Dry Brushing. Towards the end of the year I tried dry brushing. I can’t fully say what the impact has been on my skin because it hasn’t been long, but I’m hoping that in the coming weeks I can see some of the benefits. Dry brushing is said to exfoliate skin removing dead skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system, and decrease cellulite.
  • Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into my daily routine. I strictly used ACV when I was feeling run down, but it can be used daily to maintain a healthy system. Plus mixing a bit into sparkling water and adding a lime can be a tasty afternoon pick me up.
  • Do more yoga. I’ve preached about how much I love doing yoga, but recently I’ve given up on the practice. I always found an excuse (like not having enough time or being too tired), but I really miss out on the benefits and the quiet time away from my phone.
  • Unplug more. I believe in social media, but I also believe in taking breaks. Sometimes seeing everything everyone does can be a little overwhelming not to mention the news isn’t always that great to begin with. Everyone’s brain can use a little break, and the posts will all be there when you return. It’s better to just take a break, live in the moment, and be by yourself rather than comparing your hustle to everyone else’s highlight reel.



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