Ugh, I Need a Gym Bag

I don’t consider myself a gym rat by any means. I go (nearly) every day, do my cardio, and peace out. I don’t explore, and I’ve never even used the locker room. Which is exactly how all of the storage compartments in my car have become holders for all my gym needs. Everything from spare headphones to antibacterial hand spray fill the random areas I can find so I have them when I need them.

Obviously this is terribly inefficient and messy. It’s time to get my sh*t together in 2017 so enter the real solution: a gym bag. A bag where I can keep all of my odds and ends, a change of clothes, or anything else I might need all in once place. It will free up my car storage for real things like candy (this is ill-advised). Surely I have a spare tote bag or old weekender I can use, but that takes away the fun of shopping for a stylish new gym bag, doesn’t it?



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