Trend Report: Activewear

Activewear and athleisure wear have become wardrobe mainstays for better or worse (I’ve written about it once before here). Since it’s now something that can be worn nearly anywhere outside the gym, it’s taken on a life of its own. There’s even trends now and special collections created by fitness experts and celebrities. There is a greater appeal to wearing something stylish to the gym rather than an old t-shirt and ratty old sweatpants. Plus, taking the time to get healthy and fit leads to greater confidence. It goes full circle.

A few of the trends this year are oversized sweatshirts, sport bralettes, and leggings with prints. Of course these trends aren’t for everyone. I for one don’t love printed leggings. I feel like they accentuate everything I dislike about my legs, but that’s a personal preference.


  • Oversized Sweatshirts – long, baggy, comfortable, and cover everything. Those days where bloating occurs or it feels like that legging fabric is a little too thin, an oversized sweatshirt saves the day.
  • Open-back tank top – Hours spent cultivating the perfect shoulders and back can be showcased through intricately designed tank tops.
  • Bralettes – Bralettes have been a trend for years but now they are being designed for active purposes. Of course, those activities are best left to low impact areas like yoga or the blessed members of the small-chested set.
  • Printed leggings – Printed leggings, especially tropical print, will be huge in the coming months. They break up the mundane solid colors and bring a spark of originality to the gym.
  • Gym bag – Just buy a gym bag already
  • Sport Jacket – Often made with fabrics that breathe and resist sweat, sport jackets are a chic way of covering up while running errands or leaving the gym.




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