What On Earth Is Hygge?

Towards the end of the holiday season I was bombarded with emails about “hygge” and how I could bring the practice into 2017. I was intrigued by the concept purely by its name and realized it’s an incredibly popular movement I knew nothing about. Suddenly every email about recipes that would get me feeling totally “hygge” or furniture that would make my apartment the ultimate “hygge” retreat made sense. Winter, being so dark and cold, can lead to seasonal depression and overall feeling of wanting to hibernate until the spring comes around.

What is it? Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish concept about seeking joy in every day ordinary moments of life. The Danish created the idea to increase their spirits when struck with boredom especially in the cold and dark.

Core Principles? Create a sense of intimacy and togetherness with yourself, your family, your space, and your friends. Evokes a feeling of cozy and warm like Christmas all year round.

How do you practice it? Create stress free atmospheres by de-cluttering. Add warm elements to your decor and increase usage of pillows and blankets. Use candles to create a relaxing environment while taking a bath or having coffee in the morning.

My Verdict: Hygge sounds like my cup of tea. Who doesn’t want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with them throughout the year? With such fast paced lives, I think we can all use the time to stop and enjoy the every day moments just a bit more. Even just sitting quietly while having coffee and enjoying the moment sounds incredibly pleasing to me (and I wonder why I don’t do it more). The decor seems like every cabin I’ve ever been to, and why wouldn’t I want to live in a quirky little cabin? Okay so maybe my city apartment isn’t conducive to a cabin atmosphere, but candles I can do. And maybe it’s just an excuse to buy some better, Scandinavian furniture…. 

LEARN MORE: Little Book of Hygge


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