Mix 06: Lonely Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just days away now. I’m fully anticipating a night spent catching up on the Bachelor and stuffing my face with chocolate chip cookies. But, the Bachelor isn’t for everyone (trust me I find it hard enough to watch tons of women meltdown), so I figured a playlist would be a pretty okay alternative.

Valentine’s Day isn’t great for everyone. That’s just a fact. Of course it’s been equated to simply a greeting card holiday and even so it absolutely sucks to not have anyone who wants to buy even just a dumb greeting card for you.* That said it doesn’t matter if you just broke up with someone, got broken up with, or just happen to have feelings for the wrong person who doesn’t act like you even exist, seeing everyone else happily in love really hurts. I could sit here and give fake advice like ‘Take back ownership of your love and love yourself!!! That’s what matters!!!’ But I’d be lying. If you come to this blog to be fed sunshine and roses all the time…later days. Wrong place.

So I made this playlist with the lonely, like myself, in mind. Even if you’re not entirely lonely (I’m not), sometimes we just want to put on headphones, shut out the world, and wallow. That’s exactly what this mix is for. Put on headphones, tune out the world and all the lovey dovey stuff, and just exist with whatever feelings you have in the moment (eating cookies is also highly encouraged).

Please aspire to find someone who will give you more than a greeting card.



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