Day: April 2, 2017

So I Need to Buy….Flats

A few months back my favorite ballet flats were ruined by a random rainstorm. Okay maybe it wasn’t actually random, but more like me ignoring the chance of rain and wearing them anyway. In my defense, saying it’s going to rain here is just playing a game of Press Your Luck. 75% of the time it NEVER happens or is a drizzle.

Regardless, my classic black ballet flats exist no more. I haven’t really had to replace them because I have trusty loafers and its been strictly boots (or sandal) weather; no in-between. Ballet flats are true classics especially black ones. I love pulling an Audrey Hepburn with my black flats and black crop trousers. It’s one of my favorite go-to looks on a lazy day. But there are so many other styles to consider.

Animal prints and backless loafers are incredibly trendy right now making them perfect choices. Pink (please stop calling things millennial pink) ballet flats are almost iconic looking. I’m slightly impartial to the more edgy looking ones. The studded ones or the pearl embellished d’Orsay ones are edgy but chic enough to fit just about any outfit.


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