Mix 07: Summer ’17 – Take 1

I may have a love/hate relationship with summer, but one thing I do consistently is make 10,000 mixes during the season. I’ll find any reason to make one. I’m not sure if I’ll share them all here, but I might share a couple at least.

This one has a very intentional chilled out vibe to it. The other day I surprised myself when during a conversation I admitted I love just doing nothing during the summer. What I mean is give me a pool, a nice adult beverage, and I don’t mind sitting still doing literally nothing. This might be the only time I truly am not doing something. So I made this playlist with that idea in mind. What songs could I turn on while relaxing by the pool and not get utterly annoyed by or want to change. The general idea was to be able to be floating in the middle of the pool without being able to touch any electronic device whatsoever. Just be in the moment and thoroughly relaxed.

Alternatively I envisioned some kind of chilled out rooftop party during sunset because that’s another situation that just requires really good mood setting tunes. Of course, Arizona really isn’t conducive to rooftop parties (we don’t really have the architecture or city living) and it’s usually way too hot to go anywhere other than a body of water before 7pm. But I am really proud of the results of this mix and I think I really achieved the overall feel I was going for. I’ve tested it doing nothing, driving, and while doing mundane activities and it works with all of them. It’s definitely pleasing to the ear and the right sounds to kick off a laid back summer.

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