Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is an English actress and singer who is most frequently cited as a style icon particularly when it comes to 1970s or French girl fashion. Jane is well known for her partnership with singer Serge Gainsbourg during the 1970s, and for being the namesake of the famous Hermes handbag. Most recently the status symbol of the bag has undergone a change when she asked her name be removed due to the cruel way the bags were made.

What I love most about her style is how chic, fun, and sometimes provocative it is. Even today there are so many trends that she has brought to the forefront many years before. Right now raw hem denim and her, iconic, basket bag are big summer staples. What I love most about French style are, of course, the stripes. The pieces I’ve chosen below are simple wardrobe additions to channel Jane in every day life. Am I sorry there’s two mini dresses? Nope. I love a good mini.

Check out some of my favorite Jane Birkin looks (and wardrobe staples) below.

Click image to enlarge


Sheer blouse, denim shorts, ballet flats, stripe shirt, raw hem jeans, lace mini dress, statement sleeve mini dress, crop top, basket bag



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