Styled: Camisole Top

One of my favorite wardrobe staples is the camisole top. I can’t even begin to count how many I have, but surely I can say the answer is too many. I love how they look and how they can be worn. Whether its casually with a pair of shorts to beat the summer heat or dressed up with a pair of nice cropped trousers, the possibilities are endless. They are incredibly feminine and even a little sexy at times.

On a recent Zara shopping trip I picked up this blue one with a cute ruffle and gold polka dots. It’s become my new favorite (people pick favorites right?) piece to wear this summer. I really love a good polka dot from time to time. It just looks shiny and cute all the time. I think camisoles are a wardrobe essential because they are versatile. I can feel casual and cute or feminine and sexy depending on which one I wear and with what.

They are also budget friendly because many stores like Zara and H&M constantly have a revolving door of really good selections. Or maybe that’s just where I go when I need a new one, ha.


Skirt, Top, Bag, Sandals, Sunglasses


Top, Handbag, Belt, Boots, Jeans


Bag, Aviators, Sneakers, Top, Shorts


Trousers, Necklace, Top, Sandals, Bag


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