3 Outfits – Madewell

Once I heard someone say you shouldn’t wear an entire outfit of clothes from one store or you’ll look like a mannequin (or walking billboard) for that store. I never really thought about that before and, honestly, it sounds pretty insane. It would mean anyone remotely looking at you (and your outfit) would have to know the entire contents of a store to know where you’ve purchased it. I suppose this really only made sense back in the day with Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch since those items were heavily labeled.

Either way it’s always been some strange idea in the back of my mind every day when I get dressed. It’s likely the most unnecessary thing to be thinking about while getting dressed for the day. That said there are quite a few stores I shop at almost, I guess you could almost say, religiously. So the eventuality of being all dressed in one store is inevitable. Why am I talking about this?

Well, when I was thinking about this (for whatever reason) I was realizing how dumb it sounded or maybe I just wanted an excuse to hang around on Madewell’s website for a little while. Whatever the reason I picked some of my favorite things from Madewell and tossed them together into outfits because why not? I love Madewell. J. Crew’s cool baby sister is one of my favorite places to shop (and not just because they offer a student discount). Their clothes are cool but also classic and, when taken good care of, last a long time. I still absolutely love my oversized white summer sweater and you’d never know it’s nearly 4 years old. So many of their pieces are casual and fun. They can easily make any outfit looked effortlessly polished and not at all stuffy.


Sunglasses, Satchel, Sandals, Maxi Dress


Tee, Shorts, Sunglasses, Sneakers


Sandals, Shorts, Shopper, Tie Back Blouse


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