Surviving the Heat: Summer Wellness

Initially when I sat down to write this post I wanted to share some things I do to beat the crazy heat during the summer. Shortly I realized it’s slightly different for everyone and the biggest tip of them all really is just to stay inside and avoid it all. Then I realized maybe it’s best to just share some of the wellness ideas I’m currently incorporating into my life instead. It’s summer and I’m currently existing in the harsh Arizona hellscape so I guess these are currently my best tips for surviving the heat.

Detoxify your skin

Whether it’s with a mask or through simple steps like exfoliation or serums filled with vitamins (especially A, E, and C) it’s important to remove all of the horrible things from our skin. Another way to reduce the amount of acne and other skin issues is to avoid full makeup during the hotter months. Rather than load up on moisturizer some suggest using facial mists or serums which allow the skin to breathe.


Stay inside

Staying in rather than going out is a pretty big wellness trend this year, and with plenty of good reason. With modern technology it’s easy to get just about anything and everything quickly. I can choose what I want to eat, drink, stream, etc with just a click of a button. Often it’s more budget friendly and I can choose whether or not to have company over. Staying in provides a lot of time and space to live more mindfully and get into alignment rather than dealing with the constant, fast pace of the outside world.


Remain hydrated

This seems like an absolute no brainer, but it’s often hard to keep up with. Too much water and I feel like a bloated mess. Hydration is important, especially in high temperatures, because it regulates our bodies. Water helps maintain energy levels, flushes out toxins, and boosts the immune system. It might not always be so easy to make sure we reach our recommended daily level of water consumption, but there is fun, interesting ways of trying. Set a timer, use an app, or use a handy device to encourage water consumption throughout the day.


Take a vacation

Vacations are known to boost physical and mental health because having something to look forward to makes people happier overall. Taking a trip encourages us to open our minds, try new things, and step outside our comfort zones. In addition to having fun, taking a break or traveling helps our neural pathways avoid becoming stagnant. New experiences, such as those with food, language, sensations, and even smells, fire up different spaces of the brain allowing us to activate greater pieces of our mind leading to a better outlook.

Don’t Poison Yourself

I saw this as a mantra a few days ago, and it really stuck with me. Bad habits can negatively affect our behavior and lives. It’s key to remove toxins both physically and emotionally. When we recognize a bad habit we should remove it or alter it so it doesn’t take over valuable space where more positive things could exist. It’s best to focus on decisions, whether large or small, that help serve the very best versions of ourselves. I took this to heart and personally began altering the way I react to certain situations with the hopes that I could take something negative and turn it around. Rather than deciding to stay in a negative headspace I would find more positive pursuits to replace them. I get it. Stewing in the toxicity sometimes feels like the only way, but flipping the script is worth a try, right?

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