3 Outfits: Zara

Ah Zara, the one place I can be found when it feels like everything in the world isn’t going that great. Okay maybe I should find better ways of dealing with unpleasant emotions rather than spending money or valuable time wandering around Zara. Hey, to each their own. Regardless, I think it’s pretty well known Zara is one of my all time favorite places to shop. One of their gigantic sales is still going on, but an all new collection has just hit the web. There’s a pair of very polarizing leggings.

Shopping at Zara is great once you know the ins and outs of it especially when it comes to getting the right pieces. There are special ways (direct from the experts) of shopping in the store and online in order to get the best of the best. There are also key times to avoid the store entirely (usually during the biggest sales of the year) because they are a congested mess. I know Zara isn’t for everyone and many people have strong opinions on it, but I think it fits my style better than most stores. Many pieces are polished, classic, and I can use them for a long while. I still have so many sweaters, camisoles, and blouses that are in really great condition after time. Even my favorite handbags are still giving me great ROI. Zara is great for letting me incorporate more seasonal, trendy items that I’m not willing to pay too much money for because I’m unsure about them which I think is a major plus. There’s also many times I regret not buying certain things I REALLY wish I did (I’m looking at you magenta bell sleeve mini dress of my dreams).

That said I took a browse through their new season offerings and chose some of my favorite items. Check them out below and hopefully some of them will be joining my closet soon.


Mini dress, metallic handbag, heels, asymmetric earrings


metal accent handbag, ankle boots, frayed hem jeans, romantic blouse


denim shorts, pink tee, blazer, crossbody bag


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