What Do I Wear to a Baby Shower?

There’s a wide range of emotions one goes through when their friends begin to announce they are having children. First, you wonder how you got this old where married people are starting a family. Then you try to forget about it because there’s a tiny little biological fire deep inside you wondering what’s wrong with you. Why don’t you have a babies of you own? Time is running out. You don’t want to be the old mom in the elementary school class, you wanna be the cool mom. You better hurry. Next, you gotta buy all the little baby stuff and attend a baby shower. This inevitably reignites the baby fire of confusion, and the cycle begins all over again.

Cynical? Probably, but deep down we all want the same things: love, marriage, (sometimes) kids. Naturally it’s a bit hard to avoid the existential crisis that comes along with all of these life events. Everyone else seems to have it together, what am I doing wrong? Eventually I came to the conclusion, age is just a number and my life isn’t together enough (yet) for me to mess up a poor helpless child’s life. But that still leaves one frivolous yet burning question: What the hell do I wear to a baby shower? 

I spent time researching this to find out what’s appropriate versus not really appropriate. I found hundreds of posts breaking down everything from the type of party (backyard, brunch, country club?) to time of year. For summer it seems the general consensus appeared to be the most obvious: dresses. Dresses are feminine and fun but are also casual or more dressed up (duh). It really seemed no matter the cut of dress (maxi, midi, mini) a print or bright color was highly recommended. Prints seem more fun while a nice color like pink or yellow is feminine and cute. What a bummer for people like me who are less feminine and flirty and more of a Wednesday Addams. 

It appears I’ll be trying out a few options from my own closet. Polka dot skirt? Casual black sundress? Basic comfortable jersey dress? That said (I’m still very undecided. Fashion emergency), I found plenty of really great dress options for any occasion really.




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