Throwing a Bachelorette Viewing Party

Watching The Bachelorette or even being considered part of Bachelor Nation might feel a little embarrassing. What really helps the shame factor is having a crew of people to (ironically) enjoy the insanity with. It’s more fun with friends who listen to the same podcasts (Rose Buddies is a good one) and who will play with you in a fantasy league (not for the faint of heart). So naturally when you’ve got a crew in this with you, a viewing party is a necessity especially when it comes to finales.

Tonight Rachel Lindsay will pick her future husband (she claims she’s still engaged), and that might not seem like enough time to toss together a finale party, but it is. There are about 6,000 elaborate ways to celebrate the Bachelorette. I’ve seen everything from date card invitations (which can be cute), sending actual roses to your friends, having them dress up in unfortunate looking prom dresses, filling out dating applications, and plenty of cupcakes. Even on the season finale of the Bachelor last season they visited viewing parties where people had trophies and even cardboard cut outs of Nick. It might be a little too much, so I’m sharing some easier and more low-key ideas. A couple from our own viewing party.

What to Drink: Rosé All Day

Rosé is pretty much an essential to any viewing party. It’s light. It’s pink. And it makes you feel less sad about your own romantic situation (hey, at least you’re not on a dating show right?). It even gives you license to post an Instagram with a pun about accepting this “rosé.” You can drink glasses of it or dare to try something different like a frosé or even a sangria. A couple of our favorite rosé’s are Chloe and Dark Horse, but most frequently we choose something from Trader Joe’s because they have a really great selection of affordable wines. We’ve never had a bad rosé from there.

What to Eat: Savory or Sweet?

One of the best ways to enjoy the Bachelorette is to stuff your face with delicious food. If you’re like us you’d be into making tacos or bite sized foods. I usually make guacamole (this one is a favorite of my friends), because its easy and transports well. If you or your guests aren’t into savory, there’s always sweet. There are tons of desserts that can be made including rose cupcakes or red velvet cookies, cupcakes and cakes. I love a good sea salt chocolate chip cookie because they can be served warm (and it’s a great comfort food). If you want to get fancy, try a peach and strawberry tart. It compliments rosé and uses seasonal fruit.

How to Decorate: Duh.

Aside from spending tons of money at the florist to get roses there are plenty of easy ways to share your Bachelorette love. Like I mentioned there are cardboard cutouts, easy wine glasses markers, and even construction paper hearts. If you’re gonna have multiple viewing parties even investing in reusable decor seems like a great option. If you’re not sure what to do, might I suggest investing in your very own Adam Jr. doll? Who would want one of those just lying around their apartment all the time? It might be short notice, but hey you can just frame a nice photo of Chris Harrison instead. It’s not like you had 3 months to get your finale party planned or anything. 


What to Do: Drinking Games, hello

There are two really easy games to play while watching any episode of The Bachelorette. First is Bingo. Yes, the game we frequently played as children in grade school. There a quite a few boards on Pinterest or even here that can be downloaded and printed for enjoyment of your guests. Maybe you’re interested in playing something a little more adult. Enter the drinking game. I would cater this one specifically to House Rules and choose which my guests would be able to participate in. As a host you know your guests better than anyone so you don’t want to get them too rowdy or drinking too much. I would choose rules like drinking any time someone mentions “the right reasons” (a great fantasy league name) or just love in general really (okay bad idea). If you’re not sure which rules to choose, Buzzfeed has your back with their own drinking game (find it here). So just grab a couple of those, make them your own, and have fun!

Regardless of how you spend your time watching the Bachelorette (hey, it’s okay to cry. Love is hard) just think: At least you’re not this guy….



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