Wallpaper Can Be Cool, I Promise

When I hear the word wallpaper I’m immediately drawn to a mental image of the 1970s. Something similar to, say, this? But, in reality, modern wallpaper is actually pretty cool. I’ve seen it used a bunch on HGTV so my opinion has really turned around. There’s even a hilarious episode of Property Brothers where one woman is determined to use the world’s busiest wallpaper (at whatever cost) much to the chagrin of both Jonathan and her husband.

So yes, there are cons to using wallpaper. It’s often time-consuming to apply and can’t easily be changed or replaced. Plus there’s always the chance choosing a pattern might be too busy. But, truthfully speaking, there are a lot more pros than cons in my book. Wallpaper can last longer than paint, and modern wallpaper adheres much easier than it used to so there’s no need to hire an expert. I definitely believe in using wallpaper to create a statement wall. Since wallpaper comes in a variety of colors, textures, and prints it can easily create depth, warmth, and style to any room. It’s a chic way to add character to any space no matter how big or small. There’s literally tons of wallpapers to choose from like white board wallpaper, custom-made wallpaper, and even wallpaper that gives the appearance of reclaimed wood.

Just check out some of my favorite interiors featuring wallpaper below, and you’ll see it just looks better overall. Check out more on my Pinterest.



Dusk on Charcoal, Rose Gold Reflections, Marrakesh, Peonies, City Toile, Sisters of the Sun, Grey Ombré, Triangles, Tropical, Marlow, Pascal, Black Marble



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