My Beauty Obsessions

I’ll be honest: I’m really bad at beauty. I’m just not an expert. I literally would buy everything from Target and the thought of Sephora gave me anxiety. Well, now I have grown to love Sephora like I never imagined possible. That said we all have beauty obsessions. Just those things we can’t wait to tell everyone about or maybe even just keep to ourselves. They may come and go or change over time, but there are things that make us happy and feel beautiful. They are also pretty useful in maintaining our health, wellness, and self-esteem.



How to Get My Topknot

Are topknots even cool anymore? I don’t know. What I do know is I love them quite a bit when I’m feeling way too lazy to wash and style my hair. The topknot is chic and classic. It can be worn for a variety of occasions. I usually wear it to work or when it’s incredibly hot outside to keep the hair from getting sticky. I like how versatile it can be. I can make it really messy and relaxed or really crisp and tight.


  1. Use Pret-A-Powder (adds volume) to create a messy, high ponytail.
  2. Using the Tangle Teezer (or brush), tease hair out to create tons of volume. This works better if you’re using day old, curled hair. It will look crazy, messy, and full of knots. This is good.
  3. Separate hair into two sections. Wrap one around the base of the ponytail in one direction. Secure with a bobby pin. Repeat with the other section in the opposite direction.
  4. Pull sections to make hair messier and pin into shape desired.
  5. Finish with hairspray.


  • Pin as many times as you need to get your desired shape. I end up using about 6 to get a more messy knot.
  • Press down on the top for a flatter knot, pull sections outwards for a wider knot, or wrap sections tighter for a smaller knot.

Products Used: Pret A PowderSpray De Mode hairsprayTangle TeezerBobby Pins

Forgive the pictures

Hairstyles to Change Things Up

There’s two times I get incredibly bored with myself: the beginning of the year and when something happens that makes me feel like I just need a change. It’s the beginning of the new year so naturally I’m bored with my hair. I think it’s too long and too dull (despite the pretty highlights near the bottom), so I’ve been browsing for ways to change up my hair. Although I probably won’t end up doing it. What I do know is I would love to try out the whole “rose gold” trend. I’ve done it by accident years ago (purple faded to a darkish pink) but after the awkward Bayalage saga of last year I’m avoiding colors at all costs.

I mean what if they ask me just how many strands of rose gold hair color I want to end up with? Yes…that’s basically what happened last time I added color to my hair. Color isn’t the only issue, styling becomes boring too. Not to mention the damage caused by styling tools. Hopefully I can find something new to do with my hair…

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Fall Hair Inspo

Fall is almost here which means I get a serious hankering to mix my hair style up. Okay, so maybe I mean just dye it much darker than it is right now. For spring/summer I cut off a bunch of the length and got some bayalage. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t bayalage again for a couple of reasons. First, the stylist was a little insulting because I didn’t know exactly how many hairs I wanted to dye (apparently that’s a thing?), and because I felt a little too….Pinterest-y. I just enjoyed ombré much, much more.

My hair is currently in the process of regrowing and is under a new healthy hair regime. It’s a work in progress, but because it’s pretty stagnant, I’m always looking for some new hair inspiration.



How I Style My Hair

As part of the (requested) How to Nicole Does Things Handbook today I’m sharing how I style my hair daily. My hair is probably my most complimented on feature, and that probably makes it the best thing about me. It takes quite a bit of effort to look just the right amount of dishevled. So below are the steps and products I use on my hair. The curls do hold up a couple of days depending on how curls usually hold in your hair and how much maintence you put in. More on that soon…

Please forgive the state of these photos, I took them the best I could to meet said request.

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  1. Divide hair down the middle and secure one side with a clip. Section the free side into two more sections and secure on top of the head with smaller clips.
  2. Spray each section with heat protection spray. Wrap varying sized sections around the barrel of the curling iron. Do not secure or wrap the curl around the clasp (See photo example). Hold for a few seconds.
  3. Release the curl and pull straight for 5 seconds.
  4. Continue moving up the sections of hair until all hair is curled. I use smaller size sections on the top of my hair near my roots to create more curls and add volume.
  5. Sprinkle a small amount of Pret-A-Powder directly onto the roots. Using a small amount of Pret-A-Powder in your hands crunch hair repeatedly, breaking up the large curls.
  6. Shake hair out and finish with Bumble & Bumble Spray de Mode.

Photo on 7-16-16 at 5.27 PM #2


Use dry shampoo on the roots and add Pret-A-Powder to create more texture in the curls as they fall flat.

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Products I Use: Batiste dry shampoo, Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder, Toni & Guy heat protection mist, Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode, Conair Curling Iron