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Shopping List: Las Vegas

Next month I’ll be heading off to Las Vegas for a little birthday trip (yikes). I’ve only been once before for 24 hours to see Jay-Z a couple years ago. Since I’m going with some of my closest friends I have tried to determine what it is best to pack. Granted their only answer was “all the sequins.”

I’m not much of a sequins girl but I made a list of possible things worth purchasing for my trip. Okay maybe I would consider a sequin top since this is the only place I can see that being acceptable. There are some things I already own but could upgrade seeing as this is a great excuse to do so.

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Styled: Kylie Jenner Graphic Tee

Okay the title of this blog might be a little off-putting, but hear me out. I truly don’t know why Kylie Jenner has an online shop filled with clothing (most of which is sold out) and cosmetics, but she does. Get those dollars, Girl. I am not a Kardashian-Jenner fan and, in fact, the only episodes I have seen of that show were courtesy of my best friend, Rachael. She knows if she turns on anything I can make commentary on purely out of confusion I can be entertained and distracted for hours. That said I’m not entirely pop culture blind & I know their effect on the planet (good or bad).

I’ve been known to look at Kendall for fashion inspo, and while I can’t quite figure out Kylie, Kendall I can get behind. Enter this tee. My best friend (personal assistant and stylist) insisted I consider adding this t-shirt to my large graphic tee collection. So I decided to play around & Style it just in case it ends up in my closet through some wine induced late night shopping. 

I’m the Kendall, You’re the Kylie Graphic Tee




The Arizona Girl Wardrobe

Okay so maybe I can’t speak for all Arizona girls since we each have individual styles, but have seen plenty of capsule wardrobe blog posts so I’m throwing my figurative hat into the ring. Living in a place where it’s sunny and warm 8 months of the year has its perks. All of these pieces can be worn pretty much all year-long. These are the pieces that make up just the base of my wardrobe. There are plenty of trendy pieces and seasonal items that make their way in and out throughout the year. So I’ve gathered as many of my real life closet staples as I could for this post.

The goal of the Arizona wardrobe is simple: avoid the heat. Looking like a bright red tomato is the opposite of fashionable. I try to dress simply and wear a lot of black and white. Black can be tricky when it comes to the summer months, but not impossible. That’s where camisoles, tank tops, and baggy tees come in. When building a wardrobe I try to border comfort and relaxation without approaching lazy. I prefer things I can just toss on in a hurry and dress up when needed.

These are the kinds of things I wear most frequently and are staples in my closet. They mix and match easily so even when I have nothing to wear I still have plenty to wear.  There is one major necessity when it comes to dressing like a true Arizona girl: the Arizona State branded clothes. If you go to ASU and you don’t wear ASU branded clothes, did you really ever go there at all? I only wear the PINK college collection because if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it well my friends.

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February Shopping List

The transitional fashion season is upon us. It’s not (that) cold anymore, but it’s also not that hot. It’s just….nice out. That really doesn’t stop me from online shopping or dreaming up everything my closet needs. Or what I think my closet needs anyway…

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Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Every season there are a select number of items every closet needs. Surely by now everyone knows what their winter essentials are. The only real criteria is that they provide warmth from the frigid temperatures outside. The supplementary criteria is they are stylish but comfortable.

If there wasn’t a secondary criteria, any ratty hoodie and ill-fitting jeans would do just fine. No one is truly going to know if there’s a hole in your sock if you’re wearing boots, right? Wrong. You will. Just knowing that is enough to bring down my whole confidence. I’ll just spend the entire day worried at some point I’ll have to remove my boots and everyone will know I have a hole in my sock. Each of us have our own individual style so what we consider essential will be different. But once we know what those items are, they become easy to swap and replace with updated, trendier versions.

Take for instance skinny jeans. They are classics but this season it’s all about the frayed ends. Since we likely have a large collection of skinny jeans, adding the trendier styles can upgrade our looks for the season while adhering to our classics. Many of the things featured here (like the trench coat) are pieces that every wardrobe should have to begin with. They are the most timeless pieces that stand the test of time. These items here are the building blocks for my winter wardrobe. They make mixing, matching, and layering a breeze (especially when it goes from the 40’s to the 70’s in a millisecond).


H&M plaid shirtTopshop basic teeZara turtleneckMadewell cardiganZara leggingsForever 21 ankle bootsJ. Crew trench coatLC Lauren Conrad tote bagTheory beanie


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What Is My Closet Missing?

Ah, the discontent of my closet. A timely event that happens once every few months where I contemplate what I want to buy but probably shouldn’t. Whether it’s trendy pieces or upgrades to pieces I already own, there’s always something I’ve got my eye on. With the new year (and new year new me attitude) I’m considering the many ways to update my wardrobe and taking advantage of the sales.

  • Pleated skirt is the it skirt of the moment in the prettiest pale pink shade
  • Tote bag large enough for everything I need to carry around in life
  • Classic flats are a staple of any wardrobe always worth upgrading and updating because they are worn so frequently
  • Pink Blouse to add a little more trendy pink into the rotation
  • Nike leggings to replace ratty old loose leggings for hitting the gym (or running errands)
  • Statement sleeves are everywhere

Sweater Weather

I won’t lie one of the best things about colder weather is sweaters. Not simply because they keep one warm when it’s pretty frigid out, but I don’t have to constantly think about all of the insecurities I may have about my arms or waistline. There are so many different styles of sweaters that it’s simple to come up with a standard set of sweater essentials.

To create the essential sweater set there are some key styles to include. V-neck sweaters are perfect for layering with crisp button downs underneath (very J. Crew) while cable knits are more chunky, warmer, and pair perfectly with boyfriend jeans. Right now the mock-neck is trendy because it’s a really great silhouette without feeling like being choked by a turtleneck. That said, turtlenecks are classic and my favorite, from Zara, are thin and don’t at all make me feel like some kind of elementary school teacher in the 90s. I’m not a huge turtleneck fan, it feels really suffocating at times, but I took a chance on the Zara ones and they are absolutely perfect. Cashmere is an incredibly stylish luxurious classic that is essential to any closet.

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