It’s been March for 5 days which means I’m just considering it spring. Every few months I get incredibly bored with everything in my house. This can’t be a natural thing since you’re supposed to surround yourself with things you like and that inspire you. Those things that convey your personal style to people who enter your home. So, I went browsing on the internet because there’s not greater fun than loading up your virtual shopping cart with things you won’t actually buy (but really want).


Dwell x Target

Modern by Dwell Magazine for Target has finally hit store shelves and I couldn’t be more excited. Sorry to that Target employee who had to witness me gasping for air when I finally saw the items in person. 

What I love about this collection is how it is an affordable, elegant, and modern solution to home furniture and decor. Modern design and it’s principles are my favorite and I’ve studied them for quite a while. This collection is perfect because the pieces can stand alone as individual pieces or as a whole harmonious collective unit. They are stylish, simple, and just plain beautiful to look at. Each piece has been innovatively designed to convey a sleek style while serving its function. The pieces breathe new life into concepts we see every day with indoor and outdoor living spaces. The metal outdoor sofas, chairs, and bar stools have decidedly abnormal, eye-catching silhouette that can be covered with padding for a more comfortable feel. The collection has some interesting pieces that give off a 1970s vibe including some rugs and the cocktail glasses. There are many mixed materials in the collection.

The collection itself is appealing to a wide variety of lifestyles, and even if you aren’t a modern design lover, there is likely to be something eye-catching.

Lounge chairtable lampcopper flatwaredrink shakeroutdoor sofaround mirrorthrow pillowcoffee tableside table


Holiday Decorating Guide

A few weeks back I was feeling a bit down so I decided to get a tiny little Christmas tree decoration at Target to lift my spirits. I realized afterwards that Christmas time is probably the time where my decorating goes absolutely nuts. Doesn’t everyone go a little crazy though?

I don’t have a ton of space to decorate, but I do my best to spread Christmas cheer throughout the season. I have my tiny little baby tree, my favorite frosted cranberry candle from Bath and Body Works, and usually (in about a week) it will constantly smell like some kind of baked good. With that in mind I went internet browsing to find some other really great things for decorating and entertaining this holiday season.

How beautiful is that Sugar Paper blush pink wrapping paper? 

Sugar Paper wrapping 2 Sugar Paper stocking 3 Christmas Crackers 4 Throw pillow 5 Naughty or Nice napkins 6 Hot Mulled Cider candle 7 Merry Christmas garland 8 Cookies for Santa plate 9 London ornament 10 Twig tree 11 Blue Silver Copper ornaments 12 Christmas tree cheese markers

Dwell x Target

For years Dwell magazine (and their website) has been one of my favorite places to see well designed homes and home products. There is always something beautiful to look at when it comes to their magazine. So, it’s no surprise I was over the moon when it was announced Dwell would be collaborating with Target.

Launching this winter in stores and online, Dwell is collaborating with Target on a line of home furnishings and accessories made for design lovers at an affordable price. Target is adding to their brand by embracing unique collaborations for fashion, beauty, home furnishings and everything in between. The line will feature 120 items from decor, accessories, and home furnishings ranging from 17 to 400 dollars.

I can’t wait to add so many of these pieces to my home because I know they are going to feature and encompass many of the things I love about Dwell and design at a price point I can afford.


Dwell x Target

Fall Overload

One of the best things about fall is spending valuable resources buying amazing smelling things at Bath and Body Works. Trust me on this one.

Of course the main reason is they send me so many coupons in the mail how can I just not use them? They stack so well and you can save a bunch if you shop just a few months of the year (or once a season like I do). So with the first day of fall having just come and gone, I took the opportunity to stock up for the coming three months like a squirrel collecting nuts. To be fair, wallflowers WERE only $2 that day.

There is a downside to Bath and Body Works products in the fall: everything pumpkin related smells way too sweet. Actually, everything they come out with for fall really smells sweet. Marshmallow lattes, pumpkin donuts, berry crumbles, and even the pumpkin spice itself has a relatively sweet smell. So everything I chose to buy on my last shopping trip was subtle and warm smelling. The lotion is a mixture of apples, berries, and a hint of woodsy scents. The wallflowers aren’t sweet with the exception of the pumpkin apple which is delicious, but not too sweet. I’m not sure what a harvest gathering smells like since I’m from the desert, but I’ll take Bath and Body Works word for it.

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Labor Day Pool Party Essentials

We have finally hit the unofficial end of summer. I can’t believe it’s here. It’s bittersweet because long gone are the dog days of summer, but my one true love fall is about to arrive. I will be ecstatic when the daily temperature is far below 100.

But before that happens its time to celebrate what little pool time we have left with the chicest pool party the summer has ever seen. These are my essentials for throwing the best pool party in town. Sure, a pizza oven that attaches to the BBQ isn’t entirely necessary, but it’s just a really good excuse to buy a pizza oven that attaches to a BBQ.

Also how COOL is this wall hanging speaker by O-Sound? I love how it hangs on the wall like a piece of artwork but responds with simple hand gestures to change the music. I want it so badly. It’s just that cool.

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Chairs, Chairs, Everywhere

A few semesters ago I took a design course and it made me appreciate my love of chairs (and design in general) even more. That seems like a weird thing to say. Who loves the design of chairs? Well, clearly you have never met a girl in love with the Eames lounge chair and ottoman. (That girl is me)

Before I bore you of the beautiful nature of the chair and the simplicity (and brilliance) of the materials, I’ll just let sleeping dogs lie on that. But in my study of design there was one thing that stuck with me: no matter the materials or the shape, the chair will always serve its function. Meaning, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may look or feel, as long as it can be sat on it will serve it’s purpose as a chair. These are some of my all time favorite styles of chairs (The Eames) and some new favorites that have caught my eye.

In order to catch my eye the chair has to be a couple of things: 1. It needs to have clean lines, look simple, and typically be of a monochrome color. 2. It has a special feel to it. Something others might pass over, ignore, or find unappealing. 3. Be made of interesting or unique materials.

Bored yet? Well, you haven’t been to Design Within Reach with me. (That’s probably worse)

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