Hairstyles to Change Things Up

There’s two times I get incredibly bored with myself: the beginning of the year and when something happens that makes me feel like I just need a change. It’s the beginning of the new year so naturally I’m bored with my hair. I think it’s too long and too dull (despite the pretty highlights near the bottom), so I’ve been browsing for ways to change up my hair. Although I probably won’t end up doing it. What I do know is I would love to try out the whole “rose gold” trend. I’ve done it by accident years ago (purple faded to a darkish pink) but after the awkward Bayalage saga of last year I’m avoiding colors at all costs.

I mean what if they ask me just how many strands of rose gold hair color I want to end up with? Yes…that’s basically what happened last time I added color to my hair. Color isn’t the only issue, styling becomes boring too. Not to mention the damage caused by styling tools. Hopefully I can find something new to do with my hair…

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Fall Makeup Essentials

Forgive me for the fall overload. Of course, I’m sure it’s really no bother since it really is the best time of the year. One of the best things about it is finally getting to update my beauty essentials.

This is nearly every piece of my daily makeup routine. You may be saying “been there done that” but with fall it’s a little different. I switch out my beloved tinted moisturizer for real foundation because finally it won’t melt off my face or cause a crazy irritation by the middle of the day. Another change is I’ve gone back to my Maybelline Nudes palette. I think I’ve used the browns in the palette so much more than any other eye shadows I own. This NARS lipstick is my favorite during autumn because it’s a really great color that is just dark enough without being too overbearing. It’s a really nice rosy tan.

I picked up the Estee Lauder Edgiest mascara on whim to try new mascara a month or so ago. If you’re looking for spider lashes in an instant you’ve found your perfect tool. It does create volume and length but at a price. It does not come off no matter what remover I use. Straight coconut oil, makeup wipes, or eye makeup remover: it takes a lot to remove it. Other than that, I highly recommend it.

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Fall Style Board

My bank account is severely upset it is fall. The worst part isn’t even the money being spent on sweaters and PSLs, but the fact I can’t even wear a majority of my stylish new clothes yet. Sure in the morning when I leave for work my sweater looks chic and adorable, but by my afternoon drive I’m stuck wearing a tank top fighting a glaring sunset in 90 degree heat. I’m SO over the heat.

It’s been rainy off and on for a few days which has just been sticky and gross. Not at all chilly. Talk about disappointment. Plus that meant everyone was at Starbucks and the guy behind me in line pronounced latte wrong. Just how….I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

BUT because I hold true to my #basic girl status, I will still champion fall is the greatest time of the year. Thus why I’m sharing my fall style insp board. Okay so it’s just a really cool looking version of a Pinterest board.

I can’t guarantee this is the only one of these I’ll make this season, but it definitely contains some of my favorite images from around the internet and Pinterest. If only Zara would restock that lace bodysuit…then I’d be golden. 


Topshop Unique S/S 17

London Fashion Week is in full swing, and one of my favorite shows to catch up on is Topshop Unique. Topshop is a staple of my closet and life. I’m always browsing for new things because they are always up on the new trends. Topshop is way of life sometimes, and Topshop Unique adds a little something extra to a invest in.

Spring/Summer had one theme: the 80s. Not even just the 80s, but the 80s new wave. There are brightly colored pieces, animal prints, and vinyl skirts. They give off the feel of being the coolest girl heading off to a club to see Talking Heads. There was also quite a few business casual pieces like trousers and blazers which were mixed with these new wave-esque pieces. I didn’t hate it. As per usual, Topshop Unique had edginess with a softer touch tomboy looks as well. For example florals and feminine pinks mixed with harsher denims. Oh, and Zebra > Leopard. There’s really something for everyone.

See my favorite looks below, and Topshop Unique is available online now at Topshop.com.





This dress though….



Beauty Wish List

Fall is coming, which means changing up my beauty routine. Long gone are the days of copper and shimmer, and in come the darker, warmer hues. But since it’s not quite here yet, I thought I would make a wish list of all the things I am loving right now.

Yes, there is a NARS gold colletion in there, but that’s because the illuminator looks amazing. I’m a recent convert to this and I’m still trying to figure it out all out, but I’m loving it. I’m also not too sure that’s just a summer thing either. The new Elizbeth and James perfumes are to die for. If you don’t believe me, just ask the (rude) girl at Sephora, who ripped them out of my hands to smell them!

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