I Tried a Gratitude Journal for 31 Days & Here’s What Happened

I have always been prone to periods of time where I am truly the worst Debbie Downer. Hey, it happens. I can’t always find the silver lining and sometimes people (and things) are overwhelmingly annoying. For a while now I’ve felt a combination of anger, frustration, stress, and even deep depression and anxiety. So as soon as the calendar ticked over to January 1st, I decided to give the idea of a gratitude journal a chance. What did I have to lose, right?



WTF Wellness: Grounding

A few months ago it seemed like everyone was throwing around their most trendy wellness tips, and one of the most popular, especially according to Hollywood, was grounding. No, it’s not the kind we used to get as disobedient kids, but rather, exactly as it sounds: creating balance via the ground. Grounding, or Earthing, is using the ground and it’s natural electrical current to balance out your body. It made me super curious because we didn’t really talk about that in Earth Science so I decided to do a little research on Grounding.


Surviving the Heat: Summer Wellness

Initially when I sat down to write this post I wanted to share some things I do to beat the crazy heat during the summer. Shortly I realized it’s slightly different for everyone and the biggest tip of them all really is just to stay inside and avoid it all. Then I realized maybe it’s best to just share some of the wellness ideas I’m currently incorporating into my life instead. It’s summer and I’m currently existing in the harsh Arizona hellscape so I guess these are currently my best tips for surviving the heat.



Spring Cleaning or Time to Reset?

Spring cleaning might be one of my favorite times of the year. That sounds really dumb and painful, right? I clean a lot because I am really obsessive compulsive about clean spaces, but even I look forward to the deep clean. I mean, how else am I going to discover the half eaten bag of Reese’s pumpkins from Halloween hiding out in my pantry? But this post is about a different spring cleaning…more like hitting the reset button.

I took to this blog in January to write some wellness resolutions for the year (read that here), and while that isn’t actually that long ago, spring is a time of renewal. Whether you lost your resolution weeks ago or you just feel run down, there’s always time to hit the reset button and try something new. While we are busy cleaning and decluttering our spaces, we can make simple changes to improve our life overall. Even if spring cleaning totally isn’t your thing (and I can see why), there are other things you can try to recenter yourself and improve your life.


Refresh Your Space – This is real spring cleaning.  It’s time to look into the places and spaces you avoid during your regular cleaning cycle. Remember how bad underneath the bathroom sink looks? When is the last time you actually cleaned behind your toilet? These are the things no one really likes doing, but they must be done. Grab some harsh chemical free cleaners and tackle it. Just choose the things that matter to you. No need to completely turn your space upside down and cover it entirely in bleach.

Clean Out Your Closet – Since it’s time to put away the cold weather items in favor for warm weather options, it’s an ideal time to let things go. Improve someone else’s life by donating them to charities that serve a purpose. Give your business casual clothes to a charity that helps women with job interviews. Spread out the rest or donate to Goodwill. Either way you’ll be giving others the chance to strive and feel their best.

Declutter Your Inbox – Look at your phone right now. How many thousands of unread emails do you have? Get rid of them. You’re clearly not reading them so why are you saving them for a rainy day? Most of them are marketing emails anyway right? Use unroll.me to unsubscribe from the ones you never open or have no intention of opening.

Set Intentions – Take some time out of your day to set some mindful intentions for the months ahead. Intentions are the seeds for goals and visions that come to fruition on their own over time. Don’t set intentions for things you don’t believe in, and they should be positive. They are a roadmap for where you want to go in life after all.

Log Off Social Media – Today’s media landscape is just tons of noise. It’s constantly being thrown at us. Every time I look at my phone there’s another news alert of something terrible or ridiculous happening in the world. Log out and give your mind a break. The news and all your friends vacation photos will still be there when you get back.



What On Earth Is Hygge?

Towards the end of the holiday season I was bombarded with emails about “hygge” and how I could bring the practice into 2017. I was intrigued by the concept purely by its name and realized it’s an incredibly popular movement I knew nothing about. Suddenly every email about recipes that would get me feeling totally “hygge” or furniture that would make my apartment the ultimate “hygge” retreat made sense. Winter, being so dark and cold, can lead to seasonal depression and overall feeling of wanting to hibernate until the spring comes around.

What is it? Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish concept about seeking joy in every day ordinary moments of life. The Danish created the idea to increase their spirits when struck with boredom especially in the cold and dark.

Core Principles? Create a sense of intimacy and togetherness with yourself, your family, your space, and your friends. Evokes a feeling of cozy and warm like Christmas all year round.

How do you practice it? Create stress free atmospheres by de-cluttering. Add warm elements to your decor and increase usage of pillows and blankets. Use candles to create a relaxing environment while taking a bath or having coffee in the morning.

My Verdict: Hygge sounds like my cup of tea. Who doesn’t want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with them throughout the year? With such fast paced lives, I think we can all use the time to stop and enjoy the every day moments just a bit more. Even just sitting quietly while having coffee and enjoying the moment sounds incredibly pleasing to me (and I wonder why I don’t do it more). The decor seems like every cabin I’ve ever been to, and why wouldn’t I want to live in a quirky little cabin? Okay so maybe my city apartment isn’t conducive to a cabin atmosphere, but candles I can do. And maybe it’s just an excuse to buy some better, Scandinavian furniture…. 

LEARN MORE: Little Book of Hygge


4 Podcasts to Improve Your Life

Podcasts are all the rage right now and it seems like everyone has one. There’s literally one for every subject under the sun. My subscription list contains everything from true crime and politics to design and the Babysitter’s Club (no seriously it exists!). One of the most popular subjects is health and wellness. There’s nothing like having a modern-day radio program give you a new perspective on ways to improve your wellbeing.

  1. The Good Life Project  – Jonathan Fields (and guests) share stories and explore the ways to live a happier life. Whether it’s love, confidence, success or happiness this podcast touches on a variety of subjects with the intent on making your life just a little bit better.
  2. The Lively Show – Jess Lively’s weekly podcast dives into aspects of our personal lives from relationships to careers and helps us live a better life by setting more intention.
  3. TED Radio Hour – A weekly podcast by Guy Raz which collects TED Talks and guests based on a particular theme. It offers differing perspectives on a variety of subjects from all ends of the spectrum. If you have watched TED Talks in the past, you’ll absolutely love this. It will inspire and share interesting takes and ideas on common subjects.
  4. That’s So Retrograde – Stephanie and Elizabeth interview wellness experts and explore new wellness concepts on their journey of life. Through their guests listeners learn new wellness techniques to try, practices to consider, and how to increase mindfulness overall. It’s a real life take on the twists and turns of life.

Podcasts not your jam? Check out my new #TBT playlist on Spotify. Take a journey in the way, way back machine to a simpler time filled with songs from my years in high school. I made it with my friends in mind plus there’s been a lot of exploration of our formative years and what makes us who we are. This playlist comes from a time where photos of Jesse Lacey were taped in all my notebooks, and where my carefully crafted AIM away message was Starting Line lyrics in a that horrible magenta color.

Listen here —–> Spotify


Everyone Needs a Little Motivation Sometimes…

Hate to be a cliché and bust out a #MotivationMonday, but considering it’s a new year, why not? Whether its a new job, a new semester at school, or just pressing the reset button, we can all use a little motivation sometimes.