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New year, new space. How to declutter your space as determined by your zodiac sign.


winter 2018 mixtape

Mixtape No. 13: Long, Cold Winter Nights

I think I should start this mixtape post with a bit of a disclaimer. Arizona has been in the mid to high 70s since like October or November. We have been incredibly short on long, cold winter nights. That said, there are days where we reach average winter temperatures so I guess that balances out.

Thankfully last week there was a couple of cold, rainy nights which inspired this mixtape. A lot of the time I have trouble sleeping and I’m up late at night thinking or missing someone special. It’s worse in the winter because not only is it cold but it feels like the night never ends. It can feel pretty lonely sometimes, and it helps to have music playing. I’m 100% a music mood person. If I’m sad the music is sad or serene, and that’s what this playlist is. It’s fully of folksy, indie tunes that really set a mood, a scene, and can even melt into the background when it all gets to be too much. There’s also just something very moody about the combination of grey, dark winters and these types of songs. They just mesh perfectly together. It doesn’t even have to be a long, cold night but just any grey, melancholy day. Just get some tea, turn on the tunes, and melt away.

Find the tracklist and links below.


All the Marble

I think marble has been an obsession of mine for a while. It all started way back when with this Crate & Barrel French butter keeper. My love for everything marble has grown exponentially since then and if something is rose gold, copper, and/or marble, I must own it. Everything from cutting boards to cheese boards, cheese knives and everything in between. What I don’t have just yet is a really nice marble table which is why there are at least 2 included in this post. Sorry not sorry.

marble home decor


Featured Image: Pottery Barn


Modern Winter Homes

Home photos dominate my Instagram feed. I’m not sure how many interior and architecture accounts I follow, but there’s always a steady stream of perfect photos to look at. Recently I’ve become obsessed with photos of architecturally modern homes in the snow. It began with this photo and quickly snowballed into a ton of Pinteresting and web browsing.

Being from Arizona I’ve only seen snow about a handful times. I rarely make it up north as an adult anymore, and the last time I did, I was not stoked by it. I do find it visually pleasing especially when paired with modern architecture. The darker paint colors and wood of the homes against the bright white of the snow is stunning. I really love the unique shapes of these homes and their use of glass. I’m not sure it’s entirely ideal given how cold snow and winter are, but it certainly is pretty. There’s just something warm and inviting about the lighting in many of these despite the coldness outside. If I had a winter retreat, I would certainly want it to look like one of these.




In the Kitchen: ‘Perfect’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

I won’t lie. I think I’ve probably baked every chocolate chip cookie recipe claiming to be the “best.” As a teenager I think I made the classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe so often I had it memorized for many years. Sadly as an adult you begin to realize the chocolate chip/dough ratio is so poor no matter how many chocolate chips you add in. More recently my go-to was the NY Times recipe which uses cake flour and bread flour rather than all-purpose flour. But it has a wait time which is often really hard to abide by when it comes to baking. Eating the dough is rather tempting when it’s just sitting there for an extended period of time. Then I moved on to a sea salt chocolate chip recipe I adapted from somewhere else, and made it so much people grew tired of it.

So that brings me to this past December and my constant quest to create the perfect Christmas cookie tin/tray. I went searching for the ideal chocolate chip cookie that was yummy but would provide a sense of timeless comfort for my friends and family. I was alerted to a random Buzzfeed article where they taste tested a variety of recipes created by famous chefs and Kourtney Kardashian (why?). Their winner was Thomas Keller’s Perfect Chocolate Chip cookies, and upon inspection of the ingredients I thought why not give it a shot.


color trend good as gold

Good As Gold

Everyone knows I have a long running obsession with rose gold. I think if its copper, rose gold, or marble I instantly want it. But there’s one shimmery, metallic that everyone can get behind: Gold. I do love gold whether its simple like a sweater or cute like sprinkles on Christmas cookies. Whether it’s being worn or just around the house, gold adds a little bit of excitement to everything. It’s just sparkly but chic and classic at the same time.

When it comes to gold, I’m more about the home decor and home goods than anything else. I am obsessed with these gold mixing bowls from Target, and I’m 100% positive my kitchen needs them ASAP. Sorry current vintage mixing bowls, you’re moment is over. I love this bar cart and flatware because they are just little accents rather than something overwhelming. A gold bar cart stands out as an accent piece in any room. Besides who doesn’t love a good bar cart? 



Hitting the Gym In Style

I’ll admit going to the gym in January is probably my least favorite time of the year. I’m a frequent early morning gym goer and in the winter the sun doesn’t come up until about 7:30. Not to mention it’s really chilly out so I just want to lay in my bed forever. Then there’s the influx of New Years resolution gym joiners. While I’m definitely team “you do you,” I choose one of the least populated times for a reason. I can’t stand when people insist on being right next to me when there’s 33 other empty treadmills in the vicinity. Believe me, you’d feel the same if someone insisted on using the elliptical next to you while talking on the phone every time they used it. Every. Time.

But enough of my complaining. Activewear has been a huge trend for a while now. It’s more commonplace to wear these outfits everywhere from the grocery store to brunch. Speaking of which, can we stop wearing this stuff to brunch? Either way having really stylish activewear to the gym makes it much more fun to go. I’m definitely not a ratty, old clothes at the gym type of person. But lately I’ve felt myself slipping because the holidays did a number on me, and I wasn’t feeling 100% great. I am trying to flip that down and reverse it so I went looking for some fit style inspo. It was not hard to find, and now I might have less of a problem looking good at the gym, but getting out of bed to begin with is a whole different story.