(Some Of) My Favorite Design Books

When it comes to books I’m pretty selective. I’m not much of a fiction person because sometimes it’s hard to focus and use my imagination. I tend to like nonfiction books where I can learn about a lot of different things. One of my favorite subjects to read about is design or architecture. I’ve accumulated quite a few design books over the years and even my design textbook ended up being one I kept around. Of course, that’s also because my professor wrote the book and my school is really keen on not buying those back at the end of the semester. At least it’s a useful book to have around right?



Links I Love 003

Ah, the weekend. The time where I should be doing a whole lot of nothing, but I’ll likely end up stressing about everything I haven’t done. You know, the stuff I keep saying I’ll do tomorrow or the next day, but then eventually run out of days to do? I feel like I constantly need to be productive or I’m a complete sham of a person. Yikes. Hopefully sometime this weekend I’ll manage to binge watch Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later. 

Whatever I manage to do I’m sure it will be fun or at least productive, but I did put together some other cool things from around the internet to share. So enjoy!

Featured Image

Holy Interiors, Batman.

I love interiors and I love architecture. I love that Dwell magazine exists and I can stare at interesting concepts and layouts of other people’s homes. I dream of what my house would look like if I could design it from the bottom up. Would it have tons of windows? Would they be energy-efficient windows? Herringbone floors? Clean lines consisting of wood, black and white? #typical

I, like everyone else, watch a lot of HGTV and what I’ve come to realize is every design concept from any of those shows are the same. White subway tile…lamenent and tons of modern furniture that looks passed around from house to house due to thorough staging. I may not be able to design my current space to be exactly as I want it, but what I do know is when I do get to design a space it will include none of those things.

One of my favorite places to browse a few times a week is Dezeen. Dezeen is the premiere place to go for curated architecture and design. There is always something beautiful to look at. Continue reading to see my favorite images they have featured recently.