Monthly Mix

What I’m Listening To, Volume 2

I don’t really have a good theme for this month’s mix/playlist. Sure I could do “spring” but it probably would have ended up with a similar feel anyway (and I’ve doneย Spring Break). So I’ve just put together a playlist of stuff I’m really into lately. It’s mostly new music (songs or tracks from recently released albums) with a variety of genres.

Some stand out tracks include: Don’t Take the Money by Bleachers which I desperately want to hear in some kind of throwback 1980s teen movie montage, Heatstroke by Calvin Harris which is impossible not to dance to, and Third of May by Fleet Foxes which I’ve been waiting a billion years to hear. I can’t wait for this Fleet Foxes album.

Tracklist and streaming links are below. Enjoy!


Monthly Mix 02

Well I managed to keep up with the monthly mix concept for a second month. This month’s mix came together from a combination of places. Any time I spend in the kitchen requires a soundtrack of some kind or I can lose my mind. That requires playlists of its own, but they stick with me for some time so that’s why some of these tracks are a bit older. There are new songs from Bon Iver (which I am INCREDIBLY excited about) and from the Netflix series The Get Down (only available on the Apple Music version).

I’m not sure what else I can say about the music so I hope you’ll give the songs a chance and like them as much as I do. It’s a bit of a random combination, but they are all songs I love right now.

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