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Mix No. 14: 70s Love Songs

Before anyone reading this lets out an audible groan, just give me a chance to explain this cliché mixtape timing.

I think every February my go-to mix is “love” themed in some way at least. I think last year I was honest and made a lonely Valentine’s Day mix, and I still definitely feel that way. I was going to skip a monthly mix altogether because I think love sucks right now. I mean you give so much of yourself to someone else only to be treated like you’re nothing. But I digress.

Now, how did I stumble on such a niche theme like love songs from the 1970s? It’s relatively simple: Fondue parties. Oh yes, that wonderful, dinner party staple from the 1970s is back. Okay, maybe it’s just back for my friends and myself, but I’ve been to a few fondue parties in 2018 so that’s where I got this idea. It came to me because while enjoying melted delicacies with a long stick dipped into a hot pot, we frequently listen to music from the 1970s. Get where I’m going with this?

Cool. So, just for fun, if you don’t know, fondue is melted cheese (or chocolate) in a pot kept over a flame. You use a long stick to dip bread, fruit, veggies, and tons of other stuff inside. In 1930, it was declared the national food of Switzerland in order to increase cheese consumption. But quickly became an American craze after its appearance at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Sure, sharing a pot of boiling hot cheese with your friends sounds fun, but there are even traditions that come with the experience. It’s suggested to consume white wine in order to avoid indigestion (this has not been proven but who needs an excuse to have wine?), and women must kiss their neighbors if they lose bread within the pot. Seems a bit unnecessary to me but, hey, the 70s were a different time.

But back to the mix. While hanging out at these parties and enjoying the 70s tunes, I realized a lot of my favorite love songs come from that time period. I figured it’s Valentine’s Day and some people probably have a relationship or at least a Valentine who isn’t their dog so why not run with it? But I couldn’t strictly make a mix of songs I love so I decided to include some classic ones everyone loves and other downright cheesy ones everyone pretends they don’t like (but secretly love). It’s a real smorgasbord of a mix. You know as diverse as the offerings at a fondue party.

Whether you have a Valentine or not, you can enjoy this playlist on Spotify right now. Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever

If you’re interested in throwing a fondue party here’s a guide. Just look how much fun these people are having! 



Mix No. 11: Fall Vibes

Ah, the fall mix has finally arrived. The time of year where I fully get to embrace the part of me that loves a good cozy sweater, drinking cup of coffee (or tea), and having indie folk music playing from my speakers. Over the years fall has been one of my favorite playlists to make. I think the only occasion that sees more playlist than fall is Christmas. When I first started college, what feels like a million years ago now, I would create these playlists to keep me company on my long walks to and from class. They each served their own little purpose given my mood or the weather. Pretty nerdy, right? Probably.

When I made this one I used a really chill Saturday morning as the inspiration. The weather has been pretty warm (bummer) so no sweaters were involved. I just kinda tuned everything out (even my phone) and just enjoyed a cup of coffee while listening to music. It was pretty relaxing, and I wonder why I don’t just do that more often. When I set out to make a fall playlist I consider, like anyone would, the mood. Fall tends to be a little more gloomy because the days are much shorter. The weather is chilly, the leaves are changing (if you’re lucky enough to have those), and sometimes you even get rain.


Monthly Mix: Halloween 2017

A few days ago I stumbled upon an article in my social media feed pondering how Halloween became a months long celebration rather than just one solid day. I can’t find the article now, but I never considered such an idea because Halloween has always been a gigantic deal in my family. It was always almost like my dad’s second Christmas. I didn’t pick up the nickname Wednesday Addams for just any ol’ reason. I just love Halloween. There’s a weird creepiness in the air and (usually) it’s not 100 degrees out anymore so I can finally enjoy all my favorite chilly weather things. Like a cozy sweater & joggers while watching Halloween on AMC. It’s a tradition, you know.


Mix No. 10: #MOOD

Sometimes I just get in a #mood I can’t explain, but when making this playlist it became pretty clear just what was causing the feeling. I constantly battle with how personal to be on my blog because it’s really scary to just put all your feelings out there into the void. Despite that being the entire point of a blog in the first place, right? It doesn’t have to be some fake, robotic, heavily curated space. It should be personable and real. That said, you never really know whose reading it, but here goes nothing.

One of my favorite things to Snapchat or Tweet is #mood. It’s usually some incredibly dumb (but funny) GIF or just a snapshot of real life. I realize I do it most often when I’m sad, annoyed, or frustrated. When I set out to make a playlist I really didn’t know where I wanted to go, but I knew I was just feeling down. Anyone within earshot of this playlist can see exactly what was getting me down: love and relationships.


Mix 08 Summer Take 2

Gather round boys and girls it’s time for another monthly playlist. Summer is probably one of the easiest times to make mixes. They just kind of write themselves. There’s always something playing that sticks with me and creates a memory for years to come. Whether it’s enjoying a nice meal with friends at a restaurant or just simply driving in the car when something funny happens, a memory has the ability to stick to these songs like glue (for better or worse). Rather than zone in on a particular summery theme like pool parties, BBQs, or road trips, I decided to try something a little different.


What I’m Listening To, Volume 2

I don’t really have a good theme for this month’s mix/playlist. Sure I could do “spring” but it probably would have ended up with a similar feel anyway (and I’ve done Spring Break). So I’ve just put together a playlist of stuff I’m really into lately. It’s mostly new music (songs or tracks from recently released albums) with a variety of genres.

Some stand out tracks include: Don’t Take the Money by Bleachers which I desperately want to hear in some kind of throwback 1980s teen movie montage, Heatstroke by Calvin Harris which is impossible not to dance to, and Third of May by Fleet Foxes which I’ve been waiting a billion years to hear. I can’t wait for this Fleet Foxes album.

Tracklist and streaming links are below. Enjoy!


Monthly Mix 02

Well I managed to keep up with the monthly mix concept for a second month. This month’s mix came together from a combination of places. Any time I spend in the kitchen requires a soundtrack of some kind or I can lose my mind. That requires playlists of its own, but they stick with me for some time so that’s why some of these tracks are a bit older. There are new songs from Bon Iver (which I am INCREDIBLY excited about) and from the Netflix series The Get Down (only available on the Apple Music version).

I’m not sure what else I can say about the music so I hope you’ll give the songs a chance and like them as much as I do. It’s a bit of a random combination, but they are all songs I love right now.

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