What I’m Loving: Summer Edition

I’m sorry for the surplus of summer themed posts lately. Although I’m not really sure what else I’d be writing about since it is, well, summer. I’ve shared my bucket list and now I thought I would share some other things on my radar. Products mostly to enhance the summer experience so think of it almost like a curated shop by yours truly.


  1. I love how this tee has the appearance of iron on letters making it feel slightly vintage. Madewell | $23
  2. A linen blouse paired with denim shorts and a cute sandal looks chic and relaxed with minimal effort. H&M | $30
  3. Slip on loafers are still all the rage, and these are on sale (currently) and budget friendly. Topshop | $24
  4. This top pulls double duty: adds a touch of bright color to an outfit and shows off the shoulders.  Zara | $10



Spring Beauty Must-Haves

Warmer temperatures means a change in my beauty must-haves. Really anything that keeps me from melting is entirely welcome. A must have in my book is anything that enables survival but keeps me feeling confident.

  • Blush (NARS ‘Sex Appeal’) – This soft peach blush is a change from the rosy pink I usually use because it is much softer and subdued.
  • Sea Salt Spray (Bumble and Bumble) – This is my go-to sea salt spray, but I use it minimally during the warmer months. It can be incredibly drying and lead to a frizzy look when used too much. But when used every once in a while it gives a really great beach fresh texture.
  • Sunscreen (Aveeno) – duh.
  • Bronzer (Hourglass Ambient Bronzer) – The perfect sun-kissed look with a radiant finish and minimal effort. Just for those days where I need a little dimension without baking in the sun (never advised).
  • Nail Color (Essie ‘Excuse Me, Sur’) – This is my favorite nail color from Essie’s spring collection inspired by a California road trip. It’s a peachy pink that fits really well with my tan.
  • Waterproof Mascara (Better Than Sex) – Because no one likes having mascara run down their face when sweating or crying. Full disclosure it takes quite a bit of remover to get off depending on how many coats are applied.
  • Hair Mask (Neutrogena Recovery Mask) – I use this once a week to restore the health of my hair. Within the span of a shower it can minimize the product and heat damage and leave my hair looking healthy (and soft).
  • Self Tanner (Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance lotion) – I am very wary of self tanner and I prefer to use Nivea’s gradual lotion. It adds a nice even color over time and Nivea makes the best lotions for my skin so double whammy.

Labor Day Pool Party Essentials

We have finally hit the unofficial end of summer. I can’t believe it’s here. It’s bittersweet because long gone are the dog days of summer, but my one true love fall is about to arrive. I will be ecstatic when the daily temperature is far below 100.

But before that happens its time to celebrate what little pool time we have left with the chicest pool party the summer has ever seen. These are my essentials for throwing the best pool party in town. Sure, a pizza oven that attaches to the BBQ isn’t entirely necessary, but it’s just a really good excuse to buy a pizza oven that attaches to a BBQ.

Also how COOL is this wall hanging speaker by O-Sound? I love how it hangs on the wall like a piece of artwork but responds with simple hand gestures to change the music. I want it so badly. It’s just that cool.

Shop this post: BigMouth donut pool floatCoola sun blockO-Sound speakerH&M kaftanTravira beach chairsKettlePizza ovenBocce Ball setPineapple ice cube traysBeverage Dispenser


Back to Campus Essentials

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

– Joe Fox, You’ve Got Mail

Back to school time has always been bittersweet. On the one hand, I got tons of new clothes and school supplies. But on the other I had to go back to spending 7 hours a day in school and not watching the Price is Right with my younger sister. As a college student, going back to school has charms of its own. I have a schedule I make myself to fit around my life. I still get all of the clothes and supplies, but books cost an absolutely insane amount.

More time spent on campus means having the essentials to make it through the day. These are the things I always have on hand with me to combat boredom, eat, or could possibly need throughout the day. Obviously this is in addition to my laptop, notebooks, and school supplies. In my emergency pouch I keep pain reliever, band aids, Aquaphor lip balm, oil absorbing sheets, and eye drops. Occasionally the contents will change but after lots of trial and error I’ve determined the necessities so to each their own. I keep a small notebook on hand for doodling or writing down ideas & lists.

Shop this post: Zara City Bag (similar to my actual bag), Victoria Beckham pouchSharpie penSugar Paper day plannerAmpersand for Blue Sky notebookKlip-It containerS’well water bottleRay-Ban aviators

Monthly Edit

The internet is a very overwhelming place sometimes. There is just so much to look at and get lost in. I can’t possibly blog about everything I find interesting, so I’ve gathered them here in sort of like a curated post.

Definitely thinking about reworking this ricotta cheesecake for Mother’s Day.
Envious of this Kendall Jenner look from Coachella
Purchased this new Who What Wear romper for my birthday at the pool.
Definitely want to try one of these IKEA hacks from Domaine.
I tried these hydration shots from Because I’m Addicted. More on that later….
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.50.24 PM
My go-to Spring polish: Stones n’ Roses by Essie
My new Starbucks drink: the London Fog. Tastes like drinking the milk after a bowl of cereal while being wrapped in the warmest blanket ever.
RIP Prince. His music isn’t streaming, but just for the record, this one is my favorite: Let’s Go Crazy